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TUMI Coins

Mobility is constantly changing – planners and decision-makers face new challenges every day. To encourage continuous learning and professional training opportunities even further, we introduce TUMI Coins!

How it works

TUMI Coins are credit points that can be acquired throughout the year by participating in further education.

The TUMI alumni receive benefits in terms of preferential participation in professional exchanges, access to key partners and special activities.

According to the number of collected TUMI Coins, different levels can be reached.

Our aim is that TUMI coins strongly contribute to:

- actively motivating experts to participate in training and further education

- demonstrating professional commitment of experts, especially with regards to employers and other partners

- providing a tested and user-friendly source of information on sustainable mobility worldwide



10 coins p.a. You know much about sustainable mobility! You are invited to dive deeper into the exchange.


20 coins p.a. You know sustainable mobility from many perspectives! Please join our special events.


30 coins p.a. Your profession is sustainable mobility! Congratulations and enjoy your benefits

Credit points

TUMI Coins can be acquired throughout the year by participating in selected further education and advanced training offers. These can include seminars and webinars, workshops and courses, professional excursions and study tours, congresses, conferences and symposia & lectures and expert presentations.

TUMI Coins can also be acquired by conducting an event yourself (as a trainer or speaker).

There is a differentiated credit system according to the type of training:

TUMI certificate

TUMI certificate of our summer school

TUMI offer

Events and Trainings

The TUMI ecosystem entails a broad knowledge offer, built up by each of the TUMI partners, to build expertise, train people and develop skills for a global urban mobility transition. Test your gained knowledge and get more TUMI coins.


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Certificate Upload

The registration of the coins and the monitoring is managed by the TUMI secretariat.

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