Scaling the global mobility transition


TUMI is taking the task of transforming urban mobility to new horizons and invites you to be part of #MobilizeMinds. Our vision is to elevate the power of minds to transform urban mobility worldwide.

“A severe lack of adequately equipped staff and policy makers is holding back a global transformation towards sustainable mobility for all.”

The urgent need for transformative action towards sustainable mobility for all on a local, national and global level is well known, but there is a lack of implementation to meet global goals.

In addition to an insufficient number of local staff and departmental capacity, not enough staff are professionally trained or have experience in how to implement modern sustainable mobility solutions.

Put simply, there is a high risk that a sustainable mobility transition might not happen because we do not have enough skilled people. We are looking forward to addressing this challenge with you.


Globally and over time, there have been a variety of programs and initiatives on sustainable mobility. However, none to date has comprehensively grasped the capacity needed for transforming urban mobility.

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TUMI Offer

The Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative has initiated research and action to better assess and address the future needs for education and capacity building, and to find out how involved actors can move towards better coordinated global action.

Educating and developing capacity among practitioners and change makers is crucial for the future of sustainable mobility. Our ambition is to provide our partners and further stakeholders with high-class learning experiences and resources to scale the global mobility transition.

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TUMI has - together with many partners - started a discourse and exchanges towards a joint vision on educational and professional development activities for a global mobility transition.

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Events and Trainings

The TUMI ecosystem entails a broad knowledge offer, built up by each of TUMI partners, to build expertise, train people and develop skills for a global urban mobility transition.

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Together with its partners, TUMI offers a wide range of learning and exchange opportunities through different formats.

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Learning at TUMI means:

Get to know, evaluate and implement sustainable mobility solutions.

Meet new people from all over the world and share knowledge and experience in sustainable mobility.

Anchor sustainability and sustainable development aspects in current responsibilities and activities.

Learn how to apply new professional tools and management methods.

Broaden one's own horizon and the scope of influence to implement change.

To stay up to date, continuous professional development and training is necessary.

This learning can usually take place in parallel to core job duties.

We measure our knowledge offers by these aspects

Professional education -

It is clear that we need to transform urban mobility, but to do so we need the required staff.

Content and curricula -

What has been taught 20 years ago, shouldn’t necessarily be taught today.

Implementation and impact -

How do trainings translate into projects and transformation on the ground?

We estimate the future global demand at 250.000 skilled urban mobility experts.

We calculated the need for sustainable transport experts based on UN population growth projections until 2050 and surveys on staff in urban administrations.

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