Trainings and Guidelines on Epidemics in Transport

Learn more about Measures in Transport to Combat the Covid-19 Pandemic through Guidleines, Webinars or Online Training Courses and Videos.

Webinar April 08, 2020 (2-3:30 pm EST)

TRB Webinar: The Supply Chain and COVID-19

COVID-19 has had a profound impact on supply chains for many different critical products, both in the United States and worldwide. The pandemic has created major changes in freight flows and has challenged the ability to deliver products to companies and consumers within the needed time frame.

Trb Webinar Supplychaincovid Banner

Credit: Transportation Research Board

Webinar - April 2, 2020 (6-7 pm CEST)

Acciones para la movilidad en bicicleta ante el COVID-19

InscripciónLlevar a cabo acciones para el uso de la bicicleta en el contexto de COVID-19 es parte indispensable de un plan de contingencia ante la etapa de contagio comunitario debido a que, al ser un medio de transporte individual, representa una de las alternativas de transporte con menor riesgo de contagio, además de que es una forma de movilidad activa que puede ayudar a las personas a ejercitarse sin comprometer su salud, ni la de los demás.

Las ciclovías temporales son una alternativa de rápida y fácil implementación, alineadas a las metas de cambio modal y de reducción de emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero.

La bicicleta ha probado ser un modo de movilidad resiliente y es importante que las ciudades conozcan de estrategias que se puedan adaptar a sus contextos.

Bikes Picture By Chuttersnap On Unsplash Photo 1495554840298 176146D761D5

Photo by Chuttersnap on Unsplash

Guidelines for Cities - March 2020

Response Tools for Cities

Cities and transit agencies are taking action now to address the most critical impacts of the coronavirus and ensure that essential services operate in their communities. To help city and agency staff plan responses to the pandemic, NACTO is regularly updating a summary of rapidly-deployed responses.

Japan Shibuya Crossing Intersection Ryoji Iwata

Japan, Shibuya Crossing Intersection, Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash

Publications - March 2020

Resources for Transit Agencies

Transit has collected resources for transit agencies responding to coronavirus. Transit agencies: if you’re making changes to service, Transit can help you (1) communicate with your riders and (2) coordinate with fellow agencies.

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Photo by seabass creatives on Unsplash

Guidelines - March 2020

What every Mayor needs to know about this Virus

As the virus will eventually touch every town and city, here’s a the Mayor of Seattle's best (and sometimes hard-won) advice to other mayors and local officials who are trying to prepare their communities.

Seattle United States Photo 1501686275185 739579F67E08

Seattle, United States, Light Rail and the Speed of Light, Photo by Lukas Robinson


Management of Covid-19 for Public Transport Operators

The coronavirus and the public transport sector: UITP issues Factsheet on management of outbreak. They aim to assist public transport operators in tailoring business continuity plans responding to the specific challenges of communicable

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USA, Subway Operator, Photo by: Arthur Lambillotte


Mobility Measures implemented or announced by EU Member States

The European Comissions Coronavirus response: Transport measures | Mobility and Transport response to the COVID-19 pandemic prioritises keeping citizens healthy. This includes keeping essential transport moving, for example to transport medical supplies and other essential goods. Many Member States have announced restrictions to transport – a fully list by country is available here.

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Photo: Okapi123 on Unsplash

Guidelines - March 21, 2020

Guidelines for Border Measures

Commission presents guidelines for border measures to protect health and keep goods and essential services available.

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Photo: Miguel A. Amutio

Online Courses - March 2020

Trainings for Points of Entry

Access Webinars on

- Inspection Grading System
Border health measures to reduce the potential for the introduction or exportation, and spread of public health diseases of international concern
- Issues on disinfection and disinsection on aircrafts
Inspection Grading System for the Shipping Industry
- Preparing and responding to chemical events at Points of Entry: ports
- Preparing and responding to chemical events at Points of Entry: airports
- Crossing Borders: Tools and Strategies to Reduce the Risk of Importation and Exportation of Tuberculosis across the U.S. Border
- Health measures at points of entry to decrease the possibility of importation of Coronavirus cases (2019-nCoV) in EU Member States

The Webinars are lead by the National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), Netherlands.

Usa Cdc On Unsplash Photo 1580795478690 5C6Afcf4E7C3

Phot Credit: CDC on Unsplash

Online Course - March 2020

Management of ill Travelers at Points of Entry

The World Health Organization offers this online course with regard to "Covid-19 at Points of Entry" on its learning platform Health Security Learning Plattform.

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Oslo, Norway/Photo by Erik Odiin

Webinar March 23, 2020

Acciones del sector transporte ante el COVID19 en Latinoamérica

El webinar apunta a ser un espacio de diálogo e intercambio entre funcionarios y expertos del sector transporte de Latinoamérica frente al desafío del COVID19. Se presentará una conceptualización sobre el rol del transporte en la transmisión del virus y las medidas adecuadas que el sector puede tomar para reducir el riesgo de contagio, a la vez que se satisfaga la demanda de movilidad básica para la sociedad y el aprovisionamiento de insumos como alimentos y medicamentos.

Webinar Coronavirus Web 768X360

Credit: Plataforma LEDSLAC

Webinar March 23, 2020

Transportation & COVID-19: Practices from other disease outbreaks

How can the transportation industry deal with and manage the COVID-19 outbreak? Find here TRB's webinar.

Webinar Trb On Transportation And Covid

Credit: Transportation Research Board

Webinar March 20, 2020

Combating COVID-19: The Shenzhen Bus Group’s Experience (China)

Shenzhen Bus Group (SZBG) shares with us the company’s efforts to tackle Covid-19. From a strategic working group for epidemic prevention and control, to a range of preventive measures, procurement of medical equipment and sanitation materials, communication with staff and the media, as well as the organization of human resource to facilitate frontline efforts to combat the virus.


Credit: Shenzen Bus Group (SZBG)


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