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TUMI Corporate Design

Any public references to TUMI financed activities should correspond to the overall TUMI design guidelines. Advertisement in advance, during or subsequent to an activity financed or supported by TUMI shall therefore always include the following guidelines.

For easier access to TUMI style materials, we have this TUMI Download Center at hand, where you find all materials you need for a cool TUMI style!

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Text and Design Style Guide

This resource supports you in inviting our joint target audience successfully by a unified communications style with regard to texts and design. The style guide is a set of standards for the creation and design of materials that you use on behalf of TUMI.

TUMI Logos

When designing your online and analogue event publications, TUMI as well as all its partners and institutions have to be visible logo-wise.

TUMI InDesign Template

As TUMI we use a specific design elements and style. To make sure stakeholders recognize your TUMI actions, make sure to use the design elements, such as blue triangles for flyers, brochures, save-the-dates or publications. Find them all in our InDesign Templates.

TUMI PowerPoint

For PowerPoint Presentations with regard to TUMI, we have standard fonts and layouts.

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