Transport, Low Carbon Transport and Climate Change

Language: English, Spanish
Place: Global
Duration: 1 - 2 days
Partner: GIZ-SUTP
Principles: 10. Approaching the challenges comprehensively
Net Time Effort: under 20 hours

Final Training Objectives

• Exchanged on the impact of CO2 emissions and the contribution of transport

• Reviewed existing sustainable urban transport policy instruments and strategies to track and reduce emissions

• Understood the role of mitigation actions in the transport sector as well as how to monitor mitigation actions

• Discussed instruments to adapt to climate change

• Reviewed on “non-climate specific” and „climate specific“ sources of funding for sustainable low-carbon transport

Target Group

This course is intended for policy-makers and their advisors, government officials, NGOs as well as for the academic sector (e.g. universities).


The training includes expert presentations, lectures both by national and international experts, group work and discussion


This course provides an overview of the linkages between transport and climate change, the need to tackle the problem by developing sustainable transport solutions, the impacts of such policies on mitigating climate change and ways to finance and measure interventions.

Training Modules

• Climate change: challenges for the transport sector

• Tackling the problem: sustainable transport instruments

• Financial opportunities to fund transport mitigation actions

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