Transit-Oriented Development workshop

Language: English, Spanish, Turkish
Place: Latin America
Duration: Half a day
Partner: WRI
Principles: 2. Developing transit-oriented cities
Net Time Effort: under 20 hours

Final Training Objectives

• Familiarize participants with the concept of transit-oriented development and its role shaping equitable, compact and connected cities

• Provide hand-on experience on how to plan urban development around massive transit and sustainable mobility

• Discuss principles of sustainable mobility in the planning of residential sectors.

Target Group

Decision-makers responsible for regulating and promoting urban development at the local level.


Presentation from experts and group exercises, in which participants apply the elements of TOD to one planned residential sector.


Become familiarized with key TOD concepts, international case studies and strategies for planning, overcoming barriers, and implementing plans and projects that foster TOD and safety at different scales

Training Modules

Experts outlined the trends and impact of urbanization on transportation identified these five elements of TOD:

• Non-motorized transport

• Public space and mixed-use

• Transit • Demand management, road safety and parking

• Urban density

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