Study Tours

Language: English
Place: India
Duration: 2 weeks
Partner: WRI
Principles: 10. Approaching the challenges comprehensively
Net Time Effort: More than 60 hours

Final Training Objectives

• Understand political process by which urban sustainable solutions are designed, financed, implemented and maintained

• Share first-hand experience on dealing with project management

• Understand the interaction between technology, operations and user’s experience while delivering solutions

• Help identify main barriers and strategies for risk management

Target Group

Tour participants include senior city officials, ministers, functionaries


Presentation from experts and city officials, site visit and meetings with officials and technical personnel in charge of projects.


Study tours are designed for peer-to-peer learning focusing on lessons learned and good practices around the implementation of urban sustainable solutions.

Training Modules

Good practices related to planning, implementation, and efficient operation of bus systems.

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