Site Visits and Workshops on BRT in Midium-sized Cities

Language: English, Bahasa Indonesia
Place: Indonesia
Duration: 2 days
Partner: ITDP
Principles: 2. Developing transit-oriented cities
Net Time Effort: under 20 hours

Final Training Objectives

• Technical knowledge on planning BRT systems according to international standards and best practices

• Techniques, methodology and type of activities involved in designing and planning the BRT; and

• First-hand experience in conducting surveys and BRT planning

Target Group

The training is designed for technical level officials (planners, engineers, and section heads) such as:

• City government officials: Planning Agency (BAPPEDA); Transport Agency (Dinas Perhubungan) and Public Works Agency (Dinas Bina Marga)

• National government officials: Ministry of Planning and Development (Bappenas), Ministry of Transport, and Ministry of Public Works.


The training includes brainstorming, working groups, site-visits, design workshops and lectures by both national and international experts. The field visit will be to the main BRT corridor and participants will conduct visual counts, measurements, and identification of access surrounding the BRT stations.


This training course aims to equip local government officials with technical know-how and first-hand experience in planning BRT in mid-size cities in Indonesia and ensure participants can implement BRT planning in their cities using best practices of BRT planning and design.

Training Modules

• BRT international best practices

• BRT planning and design principles

• BRT corridor and route selection, station locations, station size

• Survey-conducting • BRT access and connectivity

• Field visit and design workshop

• Operator transition and negotiation

• Communications planning

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