Site Visit and Workshop on Parking Reform and Management

Language: English, simultaneous translation
Place: Global
Duration: 1 - 2 days
Partner: ITDP
Principles: 7. Managing Parking
Net Time Effort: under 20 hours

Final Training Objectives

• Convey essential elements of strong parking policies and how they support better integrated neighborhoods

• Show how parking policies in specific cities are helping to transform the places where they are applied; and

• Design a sketch conceptual parking management plan that can be applied to manage competing demands for street space and land use

Target Group

Policy-makers, executive decision-makers, public and private sector thought leaders, including civil society, involved in the planning, implementation and monitoring of urban mobility policies.


The course is comprised of a 1.5 day workshop, which includes a site visit to a best practice project. It can be conducted in various cities and adapted to local conditions.


This training will increase the capacities of participants to strengthen their city’s on-street parking management policies and practices in order to improve access to city neighborhoods and destinations.

Training Modules

Day 1

• Presentation of parking concepts by ITDP experts and partners

• Spotlight on best practices where success was achieved and where lessons learnt can be extracted

• Site visit to an area in the city with a “parking program”

• Diagnosis of parking problem and sketch conceptual plan at either neighbourhood or city level or the implementation of solutions

Day 2

• Final work on sketch conceptual plan and presentations"

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