Site Visit and Training Course on Bus Rapid Transit in East Africa

Language: English
Place: Tanzania
Duration: 3 - 4 days, including approx. 12 hours of classroom sessions and 12 hours of site visits and stakeholder interaction
Partner: ITDP
Principles: 2. Developing transit-oriented cities
Net Time Effort: 20-60 hours

Final Training Objectives

• Key features of BRT

• Corridor selection and service planning

• Infrastructure design

• Institutional structures, contracting, system monitoring, and enforcement

Target Group

National and city-level decision makers; technical staff from transport and roads authorities; consultants; and public transport operators.


The training includes lectures by local and international BRT experts, interactive group exercises, site visits to the DART BRT corridors, and interaction with DART system operators.


With the opening of the Dar es Salaam BRT (DART) in 2016, Africa’s first true bus rapid transit system, there is an opportunity to introduce BRT and build on a regional best practice project in other East African cities. This course will utilize DART as a best practice to introduce the concept of BRT regionally and build the capacity of city officials in East Africa to plan, design, and implement high quality BRT in their respective cities.

Training Modules

• General introduction to BRT systems, international best practices, and overview of training program

• Systems and service planning, integration with networks, and operations (demand estimations, modelling, route structure, performance and capacity)

• Infrastructure and design

• Technology and equipment

• Business and institutional structure, and financial planning (modelling, contracting, and institutional arrangements)

• Marketing and communications

• Dar es Salaam BRT site visits (corridor, stations, mode integration) and stakeholder interaction with technical briefings with regulators, operators, and financiers

• Interactive exercises which include passenger demand survey, service planning, BRT corridor cross section design, scoring of the DART system and BRT systems from participants’ cities using the BRT Standard

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