Parking Management

Language: English, Spanish
Place: Global
Duration: 1 - 2 days
Partner: GIZ-SUTP
Principles: 7. Managing Parking
Net Time Effort: under 20 hours

Final Training Objectives

• Reviewed the status of current parking management policies, whether they are in line with the principles of sustainable parking management

• Discussed on different parking strategies including on-street and off-street parking

• Understood private-sector involvement processes, based on the experience of various cities

• Developed ideas and approaches for parking reform

Target Group

This course is designed for those individuals and organizations that have a role in planning and managing urban space and urban transport systems. Such actors may include:

• Local, regional, and national political officials

• Local regional, and national technical staff

• Local and international consultants

• Non-governmental organizations

• Academic staff and researchers

• Private sector operators and technology firms

• Multi-lateral and bi-lateral international organizations


The training includes brainstorming, experience sharing, group work, site visits, and lectures both by national and international experts. Every participant will be provided with toolkits, related documents and job aids.


This training course aims to equip local government officials with technical knowledge and different strategies on parking management and operation within the framework of transport demand management. The expert dialogue can be combined with an in-depth introduction of various transport demand management (TDM) instruments, such as congestion charges, (see training 4.2). It can be complemented, in modular form, with any of the other courses.

Training Modules

• Basic understanding of sustainable parking management

• National regulation in parking management

• Parking management strategies

• Private sector involvement in parking management (site visit)

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