Online Training on Bikeshare Planning

Language: English
Place: online
Duration: 2 days
Partner: ITDP
Principles: 4. Encouraging walking and cycling
Net Time Effort: under 20 hours

Final Training Objectives

• Create an effective bikeshare system plan

• Identify funding sources for system implementation

• Work with public to implement system effectively

• Overcome various political challenges to good planning

• Integrate system into larger transport network

• Effectively communicate bikeshare system & planning concepts

Target Group

Decision makers and advocates who are looking to implement or redesign a bikeshare system in their city. Participants do not need special training ahead of time


2 practical lessons of 2 hours each in workshop format. The group will discuss specific challenges to planning and implementation in a variety of contexts to share knowledge and develop practical solutions, both within the course period and outside of it, drawing from theory, research, and practical implementation experience about bikeshare planning, implementation, and operation around the world.


The course aims to teach the fundamentals of effective and high quality bikeshare system planning.

Training Modules

6 theoretical lessons of 2 hours each:

• Bikeshare system fundamentals: Why bikeshare?

• Bikeshare system funding & finance

• Bikeshare planning fundamentals

• Bikeshare network integration & fare structure

• Planning for bikeshare operations

• Communications and implementation

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