Online Training for Bus Rapid Transit Planning

Language: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Mandarin
Place: Global
Duration: 8 theoretical lessons of 3 hours
Partner: ITDP
Principles: 2. Developing transit-oriented cities, 5. Implementing Transit improvements
Net Time Effort: 20-60 hours

Final Training Objectives

• Understand and communicate the benefits of bus rapid transit and where it is most useful

• Prioritize corridors for BRT routes

• Design corridors to match demand (3rd party calculation)

• Understand & communicate pros/cons of different design decisions

• Integrate system into larger transport network

• Work with public to implement system design effectively

Target Group

The course is designed for government agency staff and planning professionals who are looking to implement or improve a BRT system in their city. Participants do not necessarily need special training ahead of time, but a background in transportation planning or engineering is useful for much of it.


2 practical lessons of 3 hours each in online workshop format. The group will discuss specific challenges to planning, design and implementation in a variety of contexts to share knowledge and develop practical solutions.


The course foundation will be ITDP’s BRT Planning Guide, and will also draw from the BRT Standard and practical experience from around the world. The course aims to teach the fundamentals of effective and high quality BRT system planning.

Training Modules

• BRT fundamentals & Project Initiation

• Operations: demand analysis; corridor & network development

• Operations: service planning, speed, capacity, & traffic impact

• Communications & marketing

• Business Plan

• Technology: fare collection & vehicles

• Infrastructure design & management

• Integration & Access

• Assessing Corridors with the BRT Standard

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