MobiliseDays – Entering into a policy and planning enhancement process for Sustainable Urban Mobility

Language: English, Spanish, French
Place: Global
Duration: 3 days
Partner: GIZ-MYC
Principles: 10. Approaching the challenges comprehensively
Net Time Effort: under 20 hours

Final Training Objectives

• Identified the main areas of work to be considered for the implementation of a National Urban Mobility Policy (NUMP) or city-level Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) within MobiliseYourCity

• Defined the framework for NUMP or SUMP project management (subject to availability of funding): Roadmap, Organisation and governance

• Paved the way towards conducting an application process for cities to receive support in their preparation of SUMPs

Target Group

National and local governments; the target audience varies during the three days: Day 1: Large audience, different broadly relevant ministries (including environment, finance, Interior etc.) , national and optionally selected local gov. representatives, upper and middle management levels as well as relevant planners Day 2: Middle management and planners from most relevant line ministries (for Transport, Planning, Urban Development) to deepen Day 1 Day 3: Already confirmed or tentatively identified “MobiliseYourCity Core Team” for the NUMP (Chairman and technical level, inter-ministerial mix).


• National Urban Mobility Policies (NUMP)

• Sustainabile Mobility Plans

• Organizational Diagnosis

• Presentations and Panel Discussions

• Actor Maping

• Needs Analysis


• Understanding the potentials of SUMPs and NUMPs

• Awareness and harmonization of views by relevant stakeholders

• Basic understanding and preliminary exchange, how technical assistance under MobiliseYourCity may be structured and steered and opportunity to sign the partnership

Training Modules

• National Urban Mobility Policies (NUMP)

• Sustainabile Mobility Plans

• Introduction into Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMPs)

• Asessment of the country´s context in the area of urban transport

• Definition of program of activities for NUMP implementation

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