Online Training for Sustainable Urban Mobility

Language: Spanish
Place: Latin America
Duration: 7 days
Partner: ITDP
Principles: 2. Developing transit-oriented cities, 3. Optimizing the road network and its use
Net Time Effort: 20-60 hours

Final Training Objectives

By the end of this course, the participants have:

• Expanded capacity for technical urban planning

• Reviewed sustainable mobility strategies

• Learned evaluation strategies for mobility projects, including training materials and a cost calculator

Target Group

Technicians, decision-makers, civil society


The training course includes best practices, videos, design manuals, institutional information to access funding, and a cost calculator. Participants receive a certificate after completing all modules. A Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) component available for anyone is in development.


Through upgrading the existing website and expanding on traditional workshops and seminars ITDP aims to build the capacity of local officials to plan, design, and execute urban mobility projects through online courses and tools

Training Modules

• Complete streets

• Integrated transport systems

• Transit-Oriented Development

• Travel Demand Management

• Urban cargo distribution

• Public space

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