Workshops and Online Training on Sustainable Urban Mobility for Small and Medium-sized Cities

Language: English, Hindi
Place: India
Duration: Training will occur over a six month period including two day workshop
Partner: ITDP
Principles: 2. Developing transit-oriented cities, 5. Implementing Transit improvements
Net Time Effort: More than 60 hours

Final Training Objectives

• An interactive toolkit for implementing holistic sustainable transport planning

• Best practices and strategies for implementing sustainable transport solutions in their cities

• A scale-up strategy for projects

Target Group

City officials and personnel in small and medium sized cities in India, which make up 60% of India's total urban population, of 4-5 states in the Smart Cities Mission who lack the capacity to implement, manage, and monitor urban transport projects such as city bus services, BRT, NMT, TDM, and TOD—solutions that increase mobility options while making efficient use of limited funding resources and urban space.


City-level officials will receive intensive training via webinars supported by drill-down trainings on using the four toolkits, which include key aspects of project design, implementation, and operations management and on ITDP’s best practice guides.


The capacity building program aims to help local officials utilize it for holistic sustainable transport planning. A moderately-sized version of this course will soon begin and there is scale-up potential to include more cities.

Training Modules

• Strategic mobility planning

• Public transport

• Complete streets

• Transit-Oriented Developmen

• Each module will include components on:

• Conducting baseline assessments with simplified data collection processes

• Setting goals for a smart sustainable future

• Assessing urban transport needs (city bus, BRT, NMT, TDM, and others)

• Directing city’s transport budget towards sustainability and identifying potential sources of funding and financing

• Developing an institutional framework for effective planning, implementation, financing and monitoring

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