How to Gain Public Support to improve Air Quality in Your City?

Language: English
Place: Global
Duration: 2 days
Partner: GIZ-SUTP
Principles: 9. Communicating solutions
Net Time Effort: under 20 hours

Final Training Objectives

• Exchanged on the benefits of air quality management in relation to public health, reducing social cost, and increasing regional economic growth

• Reviewed the formulation and components of air quality improvement strategy

• Moved from awareness to effective communication in air quality management (AQM)

• Formulated an effective communication strategy

Target Group

This training course is designed for:

• Civil Society Organizations/CSO (NGO, CBO/Community Based Organization, neighborhood representative)

• Associations (Public Transport Driver Association, Public Transport Operator Association, related Unions, etc.)


The workshop is led by instructor/s (communication expert/s). Agenda includes brainstorming/discussion, presentation on thematic issues from related key stakeholders/experts, define solution and recommendation, formulate action plan, identify role and sharing responsibility on implementation of AQM communication strategy. Training-kit will be provided to participants.


To formulate an effective communication strategy to gain public support for improving the air quality in an area - targeted to create positive public opinion and participation in AQM programs.

Training Modules

• Basic AQM (include brief of air pollution control and climate change) Communication strategy, with agenda as follow:

• The need for a communication strategy on air pollution

• The message: Identify the message that is to be conveyed

• The audience: Identify the target audience for the communication

• Determine measures for success

• Identify the modes of delivery for the communication

• Identify messenger: actual delivery of our message

• Organize feedback

• Evaluate your strategy

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