Financing Urban Transport

Language: English
Place: Global
Duration: 1 day
Partner: GIZ-SUTP
Principles: Finance
Net Time Effort: under 20 hours

Final Training Objectives

• Exchanged on sustainable urban mobility principles and instruments

• Reviewed national, provincial, local, climate related and international financing instruments and its related impacts on transport demand

• Chosen appropriate financing instruments for the local context

• Discussed steady financial flows, including a possible creation of urban transport funds

• Understood how policy-makers and planners shape urban mobility processes and policies

Target Group

The expert dialogue includes decision-makers and planners of municipal transport systems from urban areas as well as national decision-makers involved in setting framework conditions for urban mobility.


The training includes expert presentations, group work, evaluation and handouts.


This expert dialogue aims to enable participants to obtain an overview of sustainable urban transport financing to support and foster the creation of sustainable urban transport systems. Dive-in subjects may include: national, provincial, local, climaterelated and international financing instruments. It can be complemented, in modular form, with any of the other courses.

Training Modules

• 10 principles for SUT

• The toolbox of financing instruments

• International best practises, integrated packages of financial instruments and their related impacts

• Designing appropriate financing tools for the relevant local context

• Urban transport funds

• Further modules depending on dive-in subject

• Main background material will be the SUTP module Urban Transport Financing and further related documents.

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