Training Course for Sustainable Urban Mobility

Language: Portuguese
Place: Brazil
Duration: 7 days
Partner: ITDP
Principles: 1. Planning dense and human scale cities, 2. Developing transit-oriented cities
Net Time Effort: 20-60 hours

Final Training Objectives

• Urban planning concepts and their impact on economic, social and environmental development

• National policy on urban mobility (Law 12.587) and its implications for metropolitan and municipal planning

• Planning, management and governance concepts for different urban and metropolitan territories

• Sustainable urban mobility including public and collective transport, active transport, travel demand management, road safety, accessibility, transportation and gender

• Resilience and adaptation of urban mobility systems to climate change

• Best national and international practices.

Target Group

Both public and private sectors involved in the planning, implementation and monitoring of urban mobility policies including technicians, decision-makers, journalists (public or private), and civil society


The course will be divided into 13 theoretical classes and seven practical classes in a workshop format. The course will include 3040 participants.


The course enhances the capacity of cities to plan, implement and monitor sustainable urban mobility policies in Brazil.

Training Modules

• Urban challenges in the 21th century

• The modernist city of the 20th century

• Urban mobility consumptions and costs

• Land use and transportation planning integration

• Institutional arrangements for urban mobility planning and governance

• Inclusive urban mobility

• Urban mobility and social housing planning

• Public transport network

• Urban morphology and its impact on human scale mobility

• Active transport network

• Travel demand management

• Innovation and urban mobility

• Urban mobility and climate change: mitigation and adaptation strategies"

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