Air Pollution, Air Quality: Better Information for Better Action

Language: English
Place: Asia
Duration: 2 days
Partner: GIZ-SUTP
Principles: 9. Communicating solutions, 10. Approaching the challenges comprehensively
Net Time Effort: under 20 hours

Final Training Objectives

• Identified sources and effects of air pollution in their cities

• Described the status of air quality in their cities and indicators of bad air quality

• Exchanged on the “Cities Clean Air Action Plans: how the government can address the issues”

• Identified areas and forms in which they can contribute towards better air quality in their cities

Target Group

• NGOs working in the field of environment

• Local community groups and leaders having followers/supporters

• Media with focus on environmental journalism


The workshop includes high impact visual presentations by national AQM experts, group exercises and presentations and site-visits. Each participant is provided with a set of workshop-related documents and job aids.


To increase knowledge and awareness of civil society and local media on effects of air pollution and basic air quality management.

Training Modules

• Effects of air pollution on health and ecosystems

• Causes and sources of air pollution

• Regulations, standards and enforcement

• Available measures for better air quality

• Interpretation and communication of air quality data

• Best practices and local initiatives (including individual contributions) for air quality improvement

• Tools for air quality management

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