Academy of Sustainable Urban Mobility (AoSUM) – Introducing Innovative Mobility Solutions to Decision-Makers

Language: English
Place: Germany
Duration: 5 days
Partner: UN-Habitat
Principles: 9. Communicating solutions, 10. Approaching the challenges comprehensively
Net Time Effort: 20-60 hours

Final Training Objectives

• Equip officials to assess current mobility problems and prepare participatory and feasible strategies

• Orient decision-makers to develop an alternative paradigm for urban mobility that seeks to improve accessibility by introducing more efficient, inclusive, safe, affordable and clean public transport

• Introduce decision-makers to innovative mobility such as BRT, cable cars, NMT, electric mobility in conjunction with compact city planning

• Disseminate innovative mobility solutions among decisionmakers (possibly IT-supported)

• Develop capacity to conduct feasibility studies and monitor interventions

Target Group

30 representatives of local, regional or national governments, transport operators or transport authorities


The academy shall provide a combination of class-room and web-based training linked with targeted study tours to sustainable and innovative mobility solutions in Austria and Germany. After successful application, target countries and cities will be taken through a pre-training preparation before participating in a 5-day workshop incl. field visits to innovative public transport projects. Trainees will be asked to develop a “Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)” for their cities. Upon return to their cities, participants will be expected to put their learning into practice for implementing sustainable mobility projects. Continuous learning and sharing will be facilitated after the training.


• Prepare participants to develop their own innovative mobility projects and be inspired by new ideas

• Develop a platform for national and local authorities to exchange with private sector firms and tech companies on innovations around sustainable mobility

• Develop capacity for application of the solutions introduced

Training Modules

Training on Sustainable Urban Mobility

• Comparison of transport modes

• Services and user aspects

• Economic evaluation

• Project implementation

• Operations and management

• Financing

• Maintenance

Integration of transport and land use

• Sustainable urban mobility Planning

• Transit-Oriented Development

• Streets as public spaces

• Walkability/cyclability integration

Introduction to specific modes (private sector engagement)

• Urban cable cars (Doppelmayr)

• Bike share (e.g. Nextbike)

• Car share (e.g. Car2Go)

Field Visits

• Best and worst case examples of mobility projects in Vienna and elsewhere (e.g. pedestrian zones)

• Vienna walking and cycling tour

• Visit of bike share and car share programmes (e.g. Nextbike in Leipzig)

• Possible site visits to private sector companies (e.g. production facility of Doppelmayr in Wolfurt, Austria)

• Public transport operator in Vienna

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