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The challenge is on again!

We transform urban mobility by supporting 10 cities with up to EUR 200k for pilot projects to start a mobility transformation in your city.

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African cities connect to open their streets for the people

The first Open Streets Exchange between African cities in Cape Town, South Africa shall develop a stronger network between streets enthusiasts in different African cities.

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TUMI Volt Conference

With the TUMIVolt Conference we set the stage for a new global market place for electric and digital mobility.

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Shaping the Future of E-Mobility - TUMIVolt Conference in Leipzig

180 international e-mobility experts charge the electric mobility future together with TUMI in Leipzig!

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Do you ACT? #IACT

Support the Action towards Climate-friendly Transport Initiative (ACT) with #IACT to show that we need more transport action in the fight against climate change. 

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Host #TUMISummer 2020 together with us

Be the hosting city of the #TUMISummer School 2020! Apply from TUMI's 3rd birthday 17th Ocotber 2019 until 17th December 2019.

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TUMISummer 2020 Hosting City

Vote for your favorite of the three shortlisted cities in the run to host TUMISummer2020: Cape Twon, South Africa; Lviv, Ukraine and Marrakesh, Morocco.

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Be inspired by Women Experts in Transport!

TUMI - Remarkable Women in Transport Publication is online

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How crowdsourcing data can make public transport safer for women with Elsa Marie D'Silva

Elsa Marie D'Silva created an app that enables women to identify sexual violence hotspots in their cities giving women the possibility to report incidents which are published on the safecity.

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