Transporte y Desarrollo en América Latina

Latin America has challenges to face in the transport sector, specifically in the economic, social and environmental aspects. The accident rate in traffic, pollution problems generated by vehicles on the streets and the difficulties of sustainable financing of public transport systems, linked to the motorization of cars and motorcycles, are some of those challenges. This first issue of the magazine Transportation and Development in Latin America seeks to deepen these phenomena, investigate the possible solutions and present analyses that demonstrate which factors contribute to the transport problem. Furthermore the magazine offers better solutions to substantially reduce the externalities of the sector and as well promotes improvements in the region in terms of productivity, society and environment.

Road Safety, Latin America
Nicolás Estupiñan / Harvey Scorcia / Cristian Navas , Christopher Zegras / Daniel Rodríguez , Erik Vergel-Tovar , Ralph Gakenheimer / Soraya Azán Otero / Eduardo Vasconcellos
Commissioned by
CAF - Development Bank of Latin America
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