Sustainable Lithium-Ion Batteries for E-Mobility Poster - PRINT-Version for Print in A0 size

The transport sector is responsible for around one quarter of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. E-Mobility is considered a key element to decarbonize the sector and vehicle numbers are increasing quickly. Most electric vehicles (such as e-buses, e-bicycles, e-cars, e-2-3 wheelers etc.) use lithium-ion batteries as their main energy storage. Being the biggest component of EVs batteries play an important role for the overall sustainability of the vehicles. Therefore, it is important to make the process from extraction to recycling sustainable. This presents new challenges for global supply chains. To understand the potentials of using Lithium Ion Batteries as sustainable as possible over its life cycle we have created this poster. Please follow our recommendations for a sustainable Battery Loop. Feel free to share, print and enjoy. Please approach TUMI at if you require further information on printing or a different file size.

Electric Transport, Energy
TUMI, GIZ Extractives and Development Sector Programme, GIZ Sector Project on Concepts for Sustainable Waste Management and Circular Economy
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