Quelimane, Mozambique: Strengthening bicycle culture in Africa’s cycling capital

This is a project case story within the framework of the TUMI Challenge 2018. Quelimane is a medium-sized city with high ambitions to lead the African continent’s transition to sustainable transport. Despite a population of just over 300,000 and relatively low GDP per capita, the City’s leadership is determined to show the world that cycling can form the backbone of an urban transportation system. The municipality is in the process of building cycling lanes to connect the main residential areas to the market and commercial zones, and is upgrading sidewalks to improve the experience of pedestrians. With this relatively low investment in supportive infrastructure, the City aims to demonstrate how to slow or even reverse the adoption of private motor vehicles and create a cost-effective and low carbon urban mobility system. This case story gives an overview about the bicycle culture in Quelimane and how to improve it.

Cycling, Africa, Case story
Blake Robinson & Ryan Fisher
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