Nairobi, Kenya: Accelerating change in the transport sector

This is a project case story within the framework of the TUMI Challenge 2018. Nairobi’s residents typically use a combination of walking and minibuses (locally referred to as ‘matatus’), to get around the city. Although matatus form the backbone of public transport, journey times are often long and unpredictable, and commuters are exposed to a number of hazards. With the resultant rise in the use of private vehicles, the city is suffering from increased traffic congestion, air and noise pollution, road injuries and fatalities. Nairobi needs a reliable, affordable integrated public transport and non-motorized transport (NMT) network that is safe and accessible to all income groups. The Mobility Accelerator aims to support youth startups that offer transformative, practical, well-researched and tested solutions to urban mobility challenges, with the aim of improving the commuting experience in African cities.

Case story, Nairobi, Change in transport
Blake Robinson, Stefanie Holzwarth,Matteo Franceschi,Christopher Kost
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