Lviv – From Streets for Cars to Streets for All

In early 2021, the City of Lviv, Ukraine has been selected as the honorable mention recipient of the Sustainable Transport Awards. “Lviv – From Streets for Cars to Streets for All,” a case study report co-produced with TUMI, presents lessons learned of Lviv’s transformative journey. Lviv’s STA recognition reflects a decades-long process toward reclaiming streets from cars, for people. The journey involved revitalized public transit, new bike infrastructure, pedestrianized spaces, and redesigned “Streets for All.” This case study explains how advocacy galvanized public support and political will toward institutionalizing sustainable transport priorities, resulting in new City departments, plans, and projects. It looks forward as Lviv continues transforming into “a city of short distances”, prioritizing people over cars.

Electric Transport, Case story, mobility transition
Commissioned by
ITDP, German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development
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