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Poster, Road Safety, street safety
A comprehensive approach to road safety – The example of Germany
Public Transport, COVID19, Public Space
Building a Resilient Kochi - A holistic approach to provide Safe Public Transport and Public Spaces in times of a pandemic and beyond
Measures against Epidemics
COVID-19 y la Movilidad Sostenible - Observaciones y documentación de los primeros avances
Предности одрживе мобилности
Вероватноћа смртности при брзини удара
Бpoj пређени км по глави становника
Капацитет на патници во различни транспортни модули
Веројатност за смртност како последица на влијание на брзината
Придобивки од одржлива мобилност
Годишно поминати км по глава на жител
Putnički kapacitet za razlicite modalitete saobraćaja
Vjerovatnoća smrtnosti na putu u odnosu na brzinu
Prednosti održive mobilnosti
Broj pređenih km godišnje po glavi stanovnika
Kapaciteti putnika po različitim transportnim modelima
Najvjerovatnija smrtnost usled udarne brzine
Prednosti održive mobilnosti
Godišnji put pređenih km po glavi stanovnika
Kapaciteti i mjeteve të ndryshme të transportit
Km në vit përshkruar me makinë për person
Mundësia për aksidente me pasoje vdekjen nga shpejtësia
Përfitimet e lëvizshmërisë së qëndrueshëm
Преимущества устойчивой мобильности
Вероятность смерти пешехода от скорости в момент удара
вместимость Пассажиров различных видов транспорта
Measures against Epidemics
TUMI Call for Action: Fighting the SARS-COV-2 in Transport
Measures against Epidemics
COVID-19 and Sustainable Mobility - Early Observations and Documentation
Buses, SOP, COVID19
Standard Operating Procedures SOPs for Bus Transport Post Covid19 Lockdown
Webinar, Accessible Urban Mobility, Measures against Epidemics
Tactical Urbanism, A Tool for Crisis Management?
Webinar, Cycling, Measures against Epidemics
Temporary Bike Lanes, Biking as a Measure to Mitigate Infection Risk From COVID-19
Measures against Epidemics
Benchmark y propuestas a implementar en Transporte
Capacity Building, education
TUMI Capacity Development Charta
Training, Capacity Building, education
TUMI Session Guide
Capacity Building, education, mobility transition
A 250k gap? Building capacity for the global mobility transition
Sustainable Transport, Latin America, Sustainable Mobility
Sustainable Urban Transport in Latin America: assessment and recommendations for mobility policies
Sustainable Mobility, News, Mongolia
1st Mongolian TUMI newsletter edition
Implementation Guide, Sustainable Mobility, Instruments
Five things on sustainable mobility you need to know as a mayor (Arabic/English transl.)
Accessibility, Accessible Urban Mobility, Inclusive Transport
Disability Inclusive Public Transport
Development Finance, KfW
Perspectives on Development Finance
Sustainable Transport, C40 Cities, Sustainable Mobility
We have the power to move the world: A mayors’ guidebook on sustainable transport
Farklı taşıtların yolcu kapasitesi
Çarpma Hızına dayalı ölüm riski
Sürdürülebilir Hareketliliğin Yararları
kişi başına yıllık km
Implementation Guide, Sustainable Transport, Accessible Urban Mobility
iNUA #6: Accessible Urban Mobility
Infographic, Transport and morphology, Los Angeles
Urban transport and morphology – Los Angeles
Infographic, Transport and morphology, London
Urban transport and morphology – London
Infographic, Transport and morphology, Copenhagen
Urban transport and morphology – Copenhagen
Bogota, Infographic, Transport and morphology
Urban transport and morphology – Bogotá
Infographic, Energy, Europe
Transport energy consumption in Europe
Infographic, Energy, Europe
Transport energy consumption in Europe
Infographic, Energy
Transport energy and population density
Infographic, Transport development
Transport Development Pathways
Infographic, Transport Demand Management
Transport demand management – Push and Pull
Infographic, Transport Demand Management, Challenges
Transport demand management – Challenges and objectives
Infographic, Transport Demand Management, Awareness
Transport demand management – Awareness and Action
Infographic, Transit-oriented development
Transit oriented development
Sustainable Transport, Infographic
Towards sustainable transport systems
Infographic, Transport Demand Management, Transport infrastructure
The vicious cycle of Predict and Provide
Sustainable Mobility, Infographic, Planning
The sustainable urban mobility planning cycle
Infographic, Car-free
The car-free spectrum
Infographic, Car-free
The car-free matrix
Infographic, Street traffic, Social interaction
Street traffic and social interaction
Infographic, Accessibility, Street Hierarchy
Street hierarchy and accessibility
Space, Infographic
Road space requirements
Public Transport, Infographic, Accessibility
Public transport accessibility and social mobility
Infographic, Emissions, ASI
Potential emissions reduction
Space, Infographic, passenger capacity
Passenger capacity of different transport modes
Infographic, Transport systems, Paralysation
Paralysation of urban transport systems
Infographic, GHG
Overall GHG from Transport
Infographic, Motorisation, Health
Obesity and Motorisation Rate
Sustainable Transport, Infographic, Land-Use
Land-Use Planning and Sustainable Transport
Infographic, Fuel, Pricing
International Fuel Prices
Infographic, Instruments, Transport Demand Management
Instruments of Transport Demand Management
Infographic, Health
Health Impacts of Automobility
Infographic, Energy, Transport Modes
Energy Efficiency of different Transport Modes
Sustainable Mobility, Infographic
Elements of Sustainable Mobility
Infographic, Low-Carbon
Elements of Low-Carbon Urban Development
Infographic, Parking, Congestion
Cost of Congestion and Parking Search
Cycling, Car, Infographic
Cost-Benefit of Cycling
Infographic, Corridor Capacity
Corridor Capacity and Infrastructure Costs
Infographic, Motorisation
Change in Urban Population and Motorisation Rate
Road Safety, street safety, Infographic
Chance of Fatality by Impact Speed
Car, Infographic, Mobility
Cars per 1.000 Inhabitants
Infographic, Carbon Emission
Carbon Emission Per Passenger
Sustainable Transport, Sustainable Mobility, Infographic
Benefits of Sustainable Mobility
Infographic, traffic generation
Avoid Shift Improve – Traffic Generation
Change in transport, Infographic, Instruments
Avoid Shift Improve - Instruments
Infographic, Energy
Avoid Shift Improve – Energy Efficiency
Car, Infographic, Fuel
Automobile Inefficiencies
Road Safety, Infographic
Annual Road Deaths
Public Transport, Car, Infographic
Annual km Travelled per Capita
Sustainable Transport, Berlin, Infographic
Allocation of Space for Transport Infrastructure
Walking, Case story, Niteroi
Municipality of Niterói, Brazil: Creating momentum towards a walkable and bikeable city
Case story, singra, E-Mobility
Singra Municipality, Bangladesh: Enhancing e-mobility for safer and cleaner local transport
Case story, Nairobi, Change in transport
Nairobi, Kenya: Accelerating change in the transport sector
Case story, Lagos, Non-motorized-transport
Lagos, Nigeria: Improving sidewalks to enable safe NMT in one of Africa’s largest cities
Africa, Public Transport, Case story
Windhoek, Namibia: Moving from Transport Planning to action
Cycling, Africa, Case story
Tshwane, South Africa: Improving access to education with bicycles
Case story, Hoi An, Ecocity
Hội An, Vietnam: On its way to become the first ecocity with a comprehensive bicycle plan and bike-sharing system
Cycling, Africa, Case story
Quelimane, Mozambique: Strengthening bicycle culture in Africa’s cycling capital
Case story, Dar es Salaam, Smart mobility
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: Enhancing smart mobility through the Dar city navigator
Case story, Cape Town
Cape town, South Africa: Promoting non-motorized transport through open streets
Case story, Bogota, street safety
Bogotá, Colombia: Leveraging technology and data to map street safety for women and girls
Latin America, Case story, bicycle sharing
Mexico City, Mexico: Improving the public bike-sharing system and bicycle infrastructure as a mean to tackle congestion and pollution.
Africa, Case story, School Children
Lusaka, Zambia: Low cost interventions to improve road safety for school children
Case story, Addis, bicycle sharing
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: Building an improved NMT culture through Bicycle Sharing
Latin America, Public Transport, Case story
La Paz, Bolivia: Modernizing public transport through innovative and well designed solutions
Latin America, Case story, Sustainable Mobility
Guadalajara Metropolitan Area, Mexico: Paving the way towards integrated sustainable mobility and climate neutrality.
Latin America, Public Transport, Case story
Municipality of Florianópolis, Brazil: Working towards an integrated public transportation system
Cycling, Latin America, Case story
Bucaramanga, Colombia: Boosting cycling for a healthier city
Buses, Africa, Case story
Accra, Ghana: Moving more people with high quality buses
Factsheet, Africa, Public Transport
KfW Development Bank - South Africa
Factsheet, Asia, Public Transport
KfW Development Bank - India
Factsheet, Latin America, Public Transport
KfW Development Bank - Brazil
Training, Workshop
Training Workshop: Promotion of Cycling Infrastructure
Implementation Guide, Transition, Sustainable Transport
iNUA #9: Avoid-Shift-Improve
Call for presentations: TUMI - MAC Shift
TUMI Volt Conference Agenda
Remarkable Women in Transport
Implementation Guide, Training, Workshop
Book your TUMI course on sustainable transport!
Road Safety, Latin America
Transporte y Desarrollo en América Latina
Sustainable Transport, Africa
Sustainable Transport: Dar es Salaam Leads a Breakthrough for African Cities
Implementation Guide, Sustainable Transport
The Bikeshare Planning Guide
Implementation Guide, Sustainable Transport, Walking
iNUA #8: Walking
Implementation Guide, Sustainable Transport, Mobility Service
iNUA #7: Mobility-as-a-Service
Implementation Guide, Sustainable Transport, Transit Alliances
iNUA #5: Transit Alliances
Implementation Guide, Road Safety, Sustainable Transport
iNUA #4: Enhancing Road Safety
Implementation Guide, Sustainable Transport, Gender
iNUA #3: Gender and Urban Transport
Implementation Guide, Sustainable Transport, Cycling
iNUA #2: Solution: Cycling
Implementation Guide, Sustainable Transport, Sustainable Development Goals
iNUA #1: Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans
Cycling, Walking, Africa
Streets for walking and cycling
Transition, Survey, Public-Private Collaboration
Connected Urban Growth: Public-Private Collaborations for Transforming Urban Mobility
Implementation Guide, Sustainable Transport, Asia
Decision Makers' Guide to Road Tolling in CAREC Countries
Sustainable Development Goals, Forum Report
Electric Transport, Buses
Electric Buses in Cities - Driving Towards Cleaner Air and Lower CO2
Transition, Heritage, Industry

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