TUMI Goes Live to Fight Corona in Transport on May 26th 2020

TUMI Goes Live to Fight Corona in Transport on May 26th 2020

28 Feb 2020
Capacity Building

TUMI goes live on May 26th

Hardly any topic ever has been affected so many people as the corona virus outbreak. While staying home seems to be the best answer so far, the transport sector literally keeps the world going at this crucial moment– either by transporting medical supply and food or by shuttling doctors and nurses to the hospital.

The challenges and answers are divers but TUMI collected information from around the world straight from the beginning and shared reactions of the transport sector globally.

World-known researchers, transport experts, decision makers and transport workers will share their experience, will have a look at the tremendous changes already happening and dare a look into the future.

You will have the chance to participate with your questions in a live-chat, send us your video messages or dial-in to talk to us!

TUMI Live brings you all that knowledge directly in your living room! TUMI Live Stream on May 26th

On 26 May 2020 in Leipzig, we will give a voice to the people who have the chance to curtail the mobility crisis.

Future-shapers in the sphere of mobility and urban development, such as entrepreneurs, political leaders, civil society advocates and knowledge broker form Africa, Asia and South America will attend. They have the largest leverage on future greenhouse gas emissions and will share their solutions, ideas, challenges and needs. Be there, locally or virtually, when the mobility solutions for the next generations are discussed.

We will share more information soon here and via Twitter and Facebook.

TUMI will go live on May 26th with a live conference on Youtube


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