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The Project

In Cape Town, individual urban mobility is not sustainable and takes up a lot of public space. For citizens, it is often difficult to imagine, how they would benefit from a paradigm shift. This project is a catalyst for non-motorised transport. Through Open Streets people can get to know and enjoy a car-free environment. The aim is to transform mobility patterns by changing minds. Through the open street festivals, people are invited to enjoy the car-free environment and a debate around “the city we want” is initiated. Target groups are emerging car owning households in middle and low-income areas of the city and children, as powerful change agents in their homes- They are the future cohort of low carbon transport travelers.

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  • Marcela Guerrero Casas - TUMI Challenge Winner 2018

    Marcela Guerrero Casas - TUMI Challenge Winner 2018

    "The TUMI is taking us to a place we honestly never imagined!"

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