Lagos Sidewalk Challenge - Improving walkability in Lagos

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The Project

In Lagos, demand for walking infrastructure is much higher than the provision of it. Through this project, new and upgraded sidewalks in the heart of the metropolis will improve walkability and liveability. Central points of interest such as the bus terminal, CBD, City Hall, Mosques, Churches and hospitals will be connected. The sidewalk project will be for the benefit of all residents, visitors and public transport users.

  • Oluwaseun Sonoiki - TUMI Challenge 2018 Winner

    Oluwaseun Sonoiki - TUMI Challenge 2018 Winner

    „The sidewalk infrastructure project will increase the visibility of pedestrians, identifying their needs and steering a coordinated programme of investment that focuses on reducing accidents, encouraging walking and improving their environments.”

Lagos Sidewalk Challenge is supported by


SLoCat - Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport

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