Transport Policy Advisor

Kristina Kebeck

Kristina is an experienced transport geographer and committed transport mobility advisor, evident from her almost 15 years of work experience in the field. She has been involved in different companies and institutions in Germany and abroad, focusing on the multidimensional approach to sustainable transport. Kristina specializes in the strengthening of knowledge sharing and exchanges with universities, and pushes forward the topic of gender and transport in international dialogues. Before joining TUMI in 2015, she was part of the interdisciplinary research team for sustainable mobility and coordinated the international master program, Transportation Systems, at the Technische Universität München. She has worked for a German NGO on the topic of energy efficiency in the transport sector as well as on transport- and climate policies at EU-level. Kristina led a sustainable resource management project in Australia where she encouraged locals to adapt resources-saving, sustainable behaviors. She uses these experiences today in her current contributions to the TUMI Team and its capacity building efforts.

German, English, Spanish
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