Project manager and coordinator

Birhanu Woldeyohannes

Birhanu is a project management staff and Addis Ababa public bike sharing coordinator, a focal point for the Walking and cycling network for C40 and TUMI Networks for African Event.

As the Non-motorized transport (NMT) lead at the Addis Ababa City Government’s Transport Programs Management Office (TPMO), I worked with the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) to develop a proposal for a first-phase bike sharing system as a quick-win project as part of a larger strategy to promote walking and cycling as sustainable modes of transport. To achieve this goal, the city has developed an NMT Strategy to guide the process of planning, designing, and implementing NMT projects. The Strategy also outlines a process for monitoring progress toward short-term medium-term, and long-term goals. Implementation is already underway, with over 22 km of footpaths upgraded over the past year.

One of the short-term goals of the NMT Strategy is to launch an Addis Ababa’s Open Streets Day with aims to re-imagine and reinvent public spaces and streets for NMT users. In collaboration with key Stakeholder and partners, I am the one who responsible for planning, facilitating, and implementing open streets initiatives in our city, Addis Ababa

I hold an MA in Economics supported by a BSC in Statistics which included a combination of international development, and environmental policy courses. Prior to joining TPMO, I spent 6 years working in Ambo University as Lecture and four years in Central statistical Agency as Senior Sampling Expert. The project typologies I find most interesting are those related to active modes, public transport, shared mobility, and road safety – particularly those in an emerging city context. I believe that with the right set of values, skills, and knowledge, it is possible to create far more socially inclusive, locally desired and environmentally benign cities.

I very much look forward to supporting Addis Ababa Road and Transport Bureau in a fascinating and rapidly evolving East African city!

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