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Angela Beatriz Anzola De Toro

District Secretary for Women of the City of Bogotá

Angela Enriquez

Senior Associate

Ani Dasgupta

Global Director of WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Armin Wagner

Senior Transport Policy Advisor

Binayak Kumar Chakraborty

Project Coordinator of the Singra TUMI project and administrative Officer (in charge) of Singra Municipality

Birhanu Woldeyohannes

Project manager and coordinator

Daniel Moser

Transport Policy Advisor

Dario Hidalgo

Director Integrated Transport, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Dr. Kevin Austin

Deputy Executive Director C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group

Dr. Tonny K. Omwansa

Director of the C4DLab

Frederic Tesfay

Project Manager

Gabriela Bachmeier

Office Manager

Gunjan Parik

Director of the Transportation & Urban Planning Programme at C40

Harvey Scorcia

Principal Executive at CAF

Heather Thompson

Chief Executive Officer of ITDP

Jamie Leather

Chief of Transport Sector Group Asian Development Bank

Jan Rickmeyer

Transport Policy Advisor

Kristina Kebeck

Transport Policy Advisor

Lena Stiller

Transport Policy Advisor

Levent Toprak

Transport Policy Advisor

Linus Platzer

Junior Transport Policy Advisor

Mantri Govinda Rao

IAS Deputy Commissioner Greater Chennai Corporation

Marcela Guerrero Casas

Managing Director and Co-Founder Open Streets

Martin Schäfer

Transport Policy Advisor

Maruxa Cardama

Sustainable, integrated urban and territorial development specialist

Ng'wanashigi Gagaga

ICT Manager at Dar Rapid Transit (DART) Agency and a Project Manager for DAR CITY Navigator

Nikola Medimorec

Senior Researcher

Oluwaseun Sonoiki

Corporate & Legal Secretary at Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA)

Sebastian Varela

Manager, Strategy Development & Performance

Sergio Avelleda

Global Urban Mobility Director, WRI

Sophia Sünder

Transport Communications Advisor

Stefanie Holzwarth

Associate Human Settlements Officer

Tsu-Jui Cheng

Program Manager and Global Coordinator, Sustainable Urban Mobility / EcoMobility

Tu My Tran

Senior Officer, Sustainable Urban Mobility / EcoMobility

Verena Flues

Transport Policy Advisor

No experts could be found.

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