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TUMIVolt Charging Station: Monitoring E-Bus Operations

The electrification of urban bus fleets is considered as an important element in the decarbonization of urban transport. It also helps to reduce local air pollution and increase the quality of life in urban areas. Several national and city level governments across the world have started committing resources to electrify the public transport. In some regions like Latin America we are even witnessing encouraging participation from private sector towards public transport electrification. Considering this commitment from public and private sector and evolution of the new business models into the sector the second key question for E-Bus adoption after 'how to reduce the total cost of ownership?' is 'how to improve the operation efficiency?'.

Many cities have concluded the pilot projects and are heading towards full electrification, further many cities in China have already concluded their full electrification and have completed the first service lifecycle of the E-Buses. The key operation level challenges captured in these projects by city bus operators revolve around low availability rates of E-buses, shorter daily operating mileage, frequent breakdowns of e-buses, etc. These challenges pose a big question towards to the efficient utilization of resources and how the different stakeholders could jointly ensure the operation efficiency improvements as we progress towards full scale electrification. Come let us discuss on this key topic in our next TUMIVolt charging station.

Topics of discussion:

  • Operation efficiency parameters (OEP) for E-bus projects
  • OEP to be considered while planning and tendering
  • Challenges & Good Practices from E-Bus Operations in China

Expert Speaker:

Lulu XUE Urban Mobility Manager, WRI China

Lulu is Urban Mobility Manager with the WRI China, where she manages public transport improvement and vehicle electrification projects in Chinese cities. She had worked on the technical assistance project to the "National Transit Metropolis Demonstration Program”, an initiative administered by the Ministry of Transport. Lulu’s research focus is on transport-sector decarbonization roadmaps, vehicle electrification, and public transit operation. Lulu earned her master’s degree in urban planning from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Geographical Information Systems from Peking University, China.

Co-presented with the TUMI Partner WRI.

28 June 11:30 - 12:30 CEST



28 June 11:30 - 12:45 CEST

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