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TUMIVolt Charging Station: Full Lifecycle Service Model for E-Buses

The electrification of urban bus fleets is considered an important element in the decarbonization of urban transport. Over 400 cities across the world have already introduced around 600000 electric buses. As the total cost of ownership for electric buses continues to fall in many regions and governments are strengthening their policy support for electric buses across the world, their number is expected to further increase in the coming years.

With the expansion of electric buses and e-mobility in general, new challenges and opportunities are arising. Especially the fields of financing, procurement, operation cost optimization, and asset end of life management seem to be fields of interest for public transport authorities and e-bus operators.

To shed light on evolving end to end solutions, full lifecycle service models for electric buses, batteries, infrastructure & power supply, we are happy to invite you to listen and discuss with an industry expert from ZENOBE, a specialized EV partner from UK. ZENOBE partners with local authorities as well as bus and fleet operators providing end to end solutions, for the e-bus ecosystem in the UK.

Topics of discussion

  • Battery as a service (BaaS) Model
  • Stationary storage solutions for e-bus operators
  • Second life applications for e-bus batteries
  • Digital charging optimization via smart charging and monitoring


  • Bradley Fox, Business Development Director of Zenobe

Bradley has over 10 years of experience in front office roles in corporate and investment banking with specialisms in structured asset finance and relationship management. He has previously worked at Santander, Lloyds Bank and Barclays having executed a range of complex financing structures across many sectors for larger corporates. He has a first-class BSc degree in business and management from the University of Nottingham.

29 September 16:00 CEST



29 September 16:00-17:15 CEST


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