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TUMIVolt Charging Station: Electrifying Informal Transportation in India

India is the world’s largest three-wheeler market. In 2020, India’s ICE three-wheeler market was estimated at more than USD 600 million. Over 15 million three-wheelers serve as the most important shared / public transport mode to millions of citizens in Indian cities. Three-wheelers not only offer convenient first / last mile connectivity in cities with metros/buses, but also as a primary transport option in rural areas, allowing people to commute to bus-stops or train-stations and highways. With their easy maneuverability and high fuel efficiency three-wheelers are not just serving as passenger carriers but also as one of the main urban freight carriers in Indian cities.

However, due to a growing concern over air pollution in India, the government is pushing the automobile industry to reduce its carbon footprint. Come join the discussion on how the Indian Government and the private sector are working towards electrifying this important segment.

Topics of discussion:

  • Overview of the informal transportation in India
  • Why electrify informal transportation ?
  • National & Sub-National policies
  • Challenges to electrification
  • Financing Solutions


Co-presented with the Global Partnership for Informal Transportation

The Global Partnership for Informal Transportation works hand-in-hand with informal urban transportation systems of the Global South to advance innovation, improve services, and change business models. By leveraging new technology and innovative policies, we believe these informal networks can confront climate change and make our cities work for everyone. The Global Partnership for Informal Transportation is a project of NewCities, initiated by Agile City Partners, and, supported by CoMotion Inc.

8 April 7:30-8:45 CEST



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