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Sessions on COVID-19 and Transport Policy in Developing Asian Countries and “Frontiers in High-Speed Rail Development” Book Launch (14th International Conference of Eastern Asia Society for Transport Studies)

Time of event

12 September: 08:00 AM – 09:30 AM (CEST)
14 September: 07:45 AM – 09:15 AM (CEST)


ADBI, in collaboration with the Asian Development Bank, World Conference of Transport Research Society (WCTRS), Chubu University, and Eastern Asia Society of Transport Studies (EASTS), will hold two sessions during the 14th International Conference of EASTS.

Session 1: COVID-19 and Transport Policy in Developing Asian Countries (12 Sep 2021)

Building on joint research undertaken by ADBI, WCTRS, and EASTS members, this session will examine how the transport sector can help control the COVID-19 pandemic, recover from the crisis, and build back better. It will also address onward transport policy priorities and related collaboration opportunities for developing Asian countries.

Session 2: Frontiers in High-Speed Rail Development Book Launch (14 Sep 2021)

This session will launch the new book Frontiers in High-Speed Rail Development. Moderated by renowned Japanese TV personality Tomoyo Nonaka, it will feature a roundtable discussion on sustainable transport planning insights and policy lessons explored in the book

Both sessions will include English-Japanese simultaneous interpreting.

  • Discuss ways to mitigate COVID-19 impacts on the transport sector and promote its recovery and rebuilding to support sustainable growth moving forward
  • Launch the new book Frontiers in High-Speed Rail Development and highlight its key takeaways for advancing the future of sustainable transport development
  • Government officials and transport industry representatives, including high-speed rail operators in Asia and Europe
  • Experts from think tanks, academia, and international organizations
  • Young researchers and graduate students
  • Enhanced understanding of COVID-19’s impacts on the transport sector and policies for mitigating them and supporting sustainable post-pandemic recovery in Asia
  • Identification of policy lessons and recommendations for boosting the future of high-speed rail development.
  • Greater dialogue between policy makers and experts on transportation development challenges and opportunities after the pandemic

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