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Latin America Week 2021 - Digital Experience

It is important to note that for the first time in history the challenge of the transport sector is the same for everyone, regardless of the region of the world in which the system operates. The common denominator is the fall in demand and its consequence for systems which are independent from the system by type, degree of subsidy or any other characteristic.

2021 is an absolute historic year for the global mobility ecosystem.

Our urban world will emerge from a pandemic that has permanently transformed the way we work, live and move within cities. The breakdown and the unprecedented dynamism in space and in the mobility sector can only accelerate.

As cities, travelling patterns and urban morphological features evolve more and more rapidly, transportation will have to respond to this scenario. In order to survive, financial resources are obviously needed to keep up with these changes, as well as significant investments in technology to respond quickly to this development.

The 2021 digital event in Latin America will bring a broad reflection on public policies, as well as necessary actions in terms of new technologies and planning and operation strategies in order for the mobility sector in Latin America to advance and improve the life in cities.

Simultaneous translation into English will be provided during the event.

More about the Event here: https://www.uitp.org/events/latin-america-mobility-conference-uitp-2021/



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