2019 11 Itf Leipzig

International Transport Forum 2019

Transport Connectivity for Regional Integration


Leipzig , Germany

Target Group

ITF (The International Transport Forum)

Transport Connectivity for Regional Integration

Around the globe, between countries, from city to city, or to the other side of town - good transport infrastructure and efficient mobility services bring people together and goods to their markets. The connectivity transport provides widens horizons and opens up opportunities. It builds stronger communities and expands their reach. It powers our economies and helps our societies prosper.

The 2019 ITF Summit will explore how better transport connectivity can help integrate regions - from local communities and cities to global regions - and enable the achievement of economic, social, and environmental goals.

In what ways can ever more effective digital connectedness enhance travel? How can we ensure seamless connections between the different transport modes? Where can we build bridges, real and metaphorical, for better cross-border mobility? What will connect institutions better, so they can work for better transport connectivity together?

There will be more than 50 sessions taking place across the 3-day event. The discussions will focus on current and emerging trends in transport connectivity including automation, integrated mobility solutions, and interoperability, while highlighting the roles of investment, financing, and governance.

A special focus will be given to infrastructure projects across all transport modes in mega-regions, notably in Eurasia, South-East Asia, and Latin America. The Summit will also explore urban transport and its role in integration of cities in these key regions.

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