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7th National Cycling Congress: “Pop-up infrastructure around the globe” – session in cooperation with the Association for International Cooperation (GIZ)

Making a virtue of necessity: cities all over the world progressed cycling in the Corona year 2020. Acute lack of space, restricted local public transport and reasons of fairness motivated many towns and cities at the beginning of the corona crisis to quickly create space for the most efficient means of transport – the cycle – by means of temporary measures. Over the course of the crisis, it has become clear that for many towns and cities the cycle is a resilient and healthy alternative, and first steps have been taken to adapt and expand temporary installations as well as to convert them into permanent installations. These transformations are not limited to cycling but aim to comprehensively reorganise the public realm in favour of sustainable mobility. Discuss with our speakers how these temporary easures can be transformed into long-term action strategies and how cycling can be used as a driver for transformation in the public realm.

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