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7th National Cycling Congress: Pitch "International approaches to becoming a cycling city"

Cycling is environmentally friendly and healthy, most times it is fun and it saves time, space and money. Therefore, it is not surprising that cycling has been experiencing a boom for several years now and that, in particular, in times of the pandemic, it is the ideal means of transport for many people. By cycling we can stay fit while keeping the required distance.

Despite that, cycling currently only accounts for an average of 11 percent of all journeys made in Germany. We would like to considerably increase this share in the years to come. Therefore, the Federal Government, federal states and local authorities are working harder than ever to make cycling more attractive and safe. The National Cycling Plan 3.0 will contribute to this. The National Cycling Congress 2019 gave the starting signal for this development, now we can present you with the results. Let us say this much: The new plan gives cycling policy in Germany another innovative boost.

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