Key Steps for the Introduction of E-Buses

With our “How to” checklist TUMI provides a structured list of questions with an aim to help key stakeholders in understanding the step by step e-bus project implementation planning. With our easy-to-use guideline for action we prepare cities in transforming their public transport for the electric future.

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Step-by-Step Guide

Key Steps to Roll-Out an E-Bike Sharing Scheme

Our step-by-step guide provides guidelines for relevant stakeholders to support the implementation of e-bike sharing schemes in cities. By following the six key steps, possible challenges can be overcome and city's can further promote their path towards active mobility.

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TUMI E-Bus Tracker

The objective of the TUMI E-Bus tracker is to put a spotlight on emerging markets in Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa, India and South East Asia. Tracking the deployment of electric buses in these regions will also help to create transparency and increase ambition of targets for electric buses across the cities. This is the primary objective of the TUMI E-Bus Mission with the goal to inspire up to 500 cities until 2025 and induce the procurement of more than 100,000 e-buses, resulting in a reduction of more than 15 megatons of CO2 emissions.

E Bus Tracker


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