Women Mobilize Women Month March

Women in mobility are needed

Women make up more than half of the global population, and society simply wouldn’t function without them. To celebrate international womens´ day on 8th of March adequately, we will focus on women in mobility the whole month. Stay tuned and participate!


TUMI supports women in the transport sector. With Women Mobilize Women, TUMI specifically addresses the need to involve and empower female change-makers in the transport sector to progress mobility systems and to cater to women’s needs.

Women Mobilize Women serves as a network and information hub which strongly influences the international debate on the role and potential of women in the mobility sector.

We are happy to present the Remarkable Women in Transport 2021 publication!

The inclusion of women in the transportation sector is an economic imperative that’s critical to the sector’s growth and long-term sustainability. However, due to a systemic lack of awareness and exposure to career pathways, women continue to be underrepresented in transportation occupations.

Thank you to our TUMI Partners who worked with us to nominate the 20 inspiring women included in our publication. We are honored to illuminate the work of these outstanding female experts who have contributed to sustainable mobility solutions. By women - for everyone!

Scroll through the overview of the featured women below!

  • Annabel Bradbury

    Annabel Bradbury

    Annabel Bradbury is a widely published and cited expert on transport services and Sustainable Livelihood Approaches, and has presented and chaired at international conferences in Africa and Asia.

  • Bianca Macêdo

    Bianca Macêdo

    Bianca Macêdo has planned and implemented various mobility projects for women, children and other vulnerable groups, including a program against sexual assault on public transport and specific bike share systems for children.

  • Dr Carolyn Whitzman

    Dr Carolyn Whitzman

    Being an experienced researcher focussing on the right to the city, Dr Carolyn Whitzman has worked on just housing policies and liveable and equitable cities. She moreover developed participatory planning tools for women, children, and people with disabilities, and has supported independent mobility for children.

  • Dr Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry

    Dr Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry

    With extensive work and life experience and by being an advocate of seafarers’ rights, Dr Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry has done remarkable work combatting HIV and AIDS within the Transport Sector, especially among seafarers.

  • Engr. Abimbola Akinajo

    Engr. Abimbola Akinajo

    Engr. Abimbola Akinajo has contributed to many bus and rail infrastructure projects in the UK and Nigeria. Moreover, she has been involved in the construction of the TUMI-funded Lagos Sidewalk Pilot Project.

  • Dr Jana Kühl

    Dr Jana Kühl

    Dr Jana Kühl is Germany’s first professor of Bicycle Traffic Management and currently researches the effect of infrastructural measures – such as cycle lanes – on the motivation to switch to cycling in everyday mobility.

  • Dr Jaqueline M. Klopp

    Dr Jaqueline M. Klopp

    Dr Jaqueline M. Klopp has an impressive research record with projects focussing on low emission and equitable transportation, especially in the Global South. She has contributed to data collection related to transport and supports Environmental Justice and Sustainable Development.

  • Isabel Granada-Garcés

    Isabel Granada-Garcés

    Throughout her career in the transport sector, Isabel Granada-Garcés has dedicated her passion for collective work and innovation to make gender equality in transport and infrastructure both a common denominator and a familiar narrative.

  • Julia Nebrija

    Julia Nebrija

    Julia Nebrija, who has extensive experience in urban development in the Philippines, has been actively involved in bringing visibility to the important role of informal transportation in cities of the Global South.

  • Marta Serrano

    Marta Serrano

    Marta Serrano has been advocating for gender equity in the transport and mobility industry for years. In December 2020, she became the first female CEO of public transport service provider EMT València.

  • Monica Saraiva Panik

    Monica Saraiva Panik

    With a professional background in the automotive industry, Monica Saraiva Panik has successfully been working in the domain of Hydrogen Fuel Cells for many years and has been rewarded the DaimlerChrysler Umweltpreis for the “Clean Air Initiatives in Developing Countries”.

  • Natalie Draisin

    Natalie Draisin

    Natalie Draisin strives to achieve safe and sustainable transport for children and youth worldwide. Therefore, she has been working closely with UNICEF and has ensured inclusion of road safety in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Patricia Martínez Barba

    Patricia Martínez Barba

    As part of the Jalisco Government, Patricia Martínez Barba hast achieved the implementation of a Social Transport Rate for Women. She moreover supported the right to the city through safe, inclusive and efficient urban mobility.

  • Patricia Nzolantima

    Patricia Nzolantima

    Patricia Nzolantima has been a forerunner in female entrepreneurship and in empowering women in transport and logistics in the Democratic Republic of Congo, for example by founding an economic empowerment hub for women and launching the first female drivers academy in Kinshasa.

  • Rana Kortam

    Rana Kortam

    Rana Kortam, who led Uber’s global Women’s Safety Policy before heading the Global Regulatory Policy, believes in a future where mobility is truly a catalyst and never a hindrance for all communities and individuals, and what they aspire to achieve.

  • Rebecca Karbaumer

    Rebecca Karbaumer

    As sustainable mobility project coordinator for the City of Bremen, Rebecca Karbaumer is passionate about creating sustainable, liveable and socially equitable cities.

  • Seçil Öznur Yakan

    Seçil Öznur Yakan

    Seçil Öznur Yakan, co-founder of the Women on Bicycle Initiative in Turkey, is convinced of the positive effects of cycling for people’s lives and cities’ environments and aims to make people more aware of the rights of cyclists in traffic.

  • Sonya Byers

    Sonya Byers

    As CEO of Women in Transport, Sonya Byers encourages women working in the transport sector to maximise their potential by providing a professional network for exchange, mentoring and awareness-raising.

  • Vidhya Mohankumar

    Vidhya Mohankumar

    As founder and principal at Urban Design Collective, Vidhya Mohankumar’s delivers urban design projects and master plans for cities, towns or harbour areas while keeping her approach driven by grounded and intersectional research to understand the everyday urbanism of cities.

  • Xianyuan Zhu

    Xianyuan Zhu

    Xianyuan Zhu, who has been managing sustainable and equitable transport projects in several Asian countries and in Kenya since 2009, promotes public transit, walking, cycling, traffic reduction and a child-friendly city.

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