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Issue #7, Period: 01.09 - 13.09.2022

Oleksandria (Kirovohrad Oblast) introduced cashless payment of fares in municipal buses


In the Kirovohrad region, for the first time, cashless payment for travel was introduced in municipal buses of the city of Oleksandria. City Mayor Serhiy Kuzmenko informed about this. According to his information, new devices are working in test mode only in buses #5/1 and #5/2. Then devices for contactless payment will be installed on routes No. 2/1 and No. 11.

To pay for the fare, the passenger only needs to bring his bank card, smartphone or smart watch to the reader. If one gadget is used to pay for travel, for example, for two passengers, then it is necessary to bring the phone to the device twice.

The bus conductor has a special device that makes it possible to control the passenger's payment for travel.
In all buses of the municipal company "Olexandriyskyi Transport" cashless payment for travel will start working next week.

The washing complex for trams and trolleybuses will be renovated in Zhytomyr


In Zhytomyr, UAH 18 million was allocated from the city budget for the replacement of the car wash complex in the Tram-&-Trolleybus department. In addition, thanks to the credit funds of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, they plan to perform a large complex of works, from thermal modernization and changing the water supply system to replacing the floor, internal insulation, lighting, energy supply and automation.

The existing washing complex of Zhytomyr TTU, where trolleybuses and trams are washed daily, was commissioned in 1977. More than 70 trolleybuses and 10 trams are washed at this complex per shift.

380,000 euros are needed to complete the construction of a new trolleybus line in Zhytomyr


380,000 euros are needed to continue the construction of the trolleybus line in the Malyovanka microdistrict in Zhytomyr. Yuriy Moiseev, head of the budget commission of the Zhytomyr City Council, told about this. According to him, due to the fact that the prices of materials have risen, the contractor does not have enough funds to continue construction.

"The contractor said that he is suspending construction until an additional amount is agreed upon," explains Yuriy Moiseev. - Coordination is now underway. The European Bank says that it does not mind increasing this cost, understanding the situation, but is waiting for the contractor to justify the amount. The amount announced by the contractor cannot be properly substantiated, so all work is suspended."

The deputy mayor of Zhytomyr, Oleksandr Shevchuk, told about already completed part of works on the construction of the trolleybus line.
"The supports have been installed, the substation has been modernized, the cables have been pulled in, there is no catenary network yet," says Oleksandr Shevchuk. - The most expensive materials are still missing. And, unfortunately, they have increased in price by more than 35 percent, which is not stipulated in the terms of the contract. Therefore, the work is not carried out until the financial part is resolved."

The "North-South" tram connection fully launched in Odesa


On Friday, September 9, Odessa officially presents the updated "North-South" tram route, which directly connects the Kotovsky residential area and the Tairov district. This will reduce the travel time of passengers, but the route still can be improved. Petro Obukhov, the head of the Transport Commission of the Odesa City Council, told Suspilny about this. The route is open to service from September 13. This connection combined the routes of trams No. 3 and No. 7 with the final stop on Architektorska Street. The length of the route is 36 kilometers. It takes 2 hours and 20 minutes to overcome this path. 40 cars run in this direction every five minutes, and passengers don't have to change trams at Starosinna Square.

"This route has already changed the lives of Odessa residents, the number of e-ticket sales through the PrivatBank system has increased by 1.5 times compared to July. And the emergence of this route became an important impetus for this. It has become much easier for those who live in the Kotovskoye housing estate to get to the city center. But there is still a lot of work ahead in order to speed up the speed of the tram," said Petro Obukhov.

In Lutsk, with the beginning of the school year, the number of passengers in trolleybuses has increased


In Lutsk trolleybuses, the passenger flow increased by 20% at the beginning of September compared to August due to pupils and students, Anatoliy Myronyuk, director of the Lutsk electric transport company, told According to him, 14 controllers are currently checking the payments in transport. "The amount of the fine for ticketless travel is 20 times the cost of travel. If the fare is 6 hryvnias, then it is 120 hryvnias," said Anatoly Myronyuk. The fare for pupils and students in Lutsk trolleybuses is 3 hryvnias, in minibuses pupils pay 7 hryvnias. Students of higher education institutions and vocational schools pay the full fare of 14 hryvnias in the minibus, if they do not have exemptions, - says Viktor Glavichka, the head of the transport department of the city council.

According to the official, electronic tickets for students were updated in mid-August.
"Students who continue their studies in our educational institutions, universities, and vocational schools located in the Lutsk community, must apply for a student card at CityCard and update it," says Viktor Glavichka.

Two new bus routes opened in Khmelnytskyi


In Khmelnytskyi, on September 8, the new bus route No. 8 "Ozerna-Rakove" began operating. Deputy Mayor of Khmelnytskyi Mykola Vavryshchuk wrote about this on Facebook. "The route will pass through the center," the official said.

Another bus route is also operational since September 12. He connected the city with one of the villages of the Khmelnytskyi territorial community - Sharovechka. The municipal company "Electrotrans" will serve route No. 12.
According to the deputy mayor, bus route No. 12 will run from bus station No. 3 near the central food market to the "Sharovechka-2" stop.
"The past two launches of this route were not successful due to the small number of passengers. Therefore, I appeal to all residents of Sharovechka-2 with a request: use the bus, give everyone information about this route, give the driver your wishes regarding traffic schedules, which we will take into account if necessary," Mykola Vavryshchuk said in his post.

Issue #6, Period: 01.05 - 12.05.2022

Warsaw gives to Mykolaiv 5 used diesel buses


Warsaw presents Ukrainian Mykolayiv with five paired buses of 2007 with humanitarian aid. This is a gift from Warsaw to the residents of this Ukrainian city.

"Warsaw supports Ukraine in every way. We share what we have, not only with refugees who took refuge in our country before the war, but also with people who decided to stay in their homes. Many thanks to MZA, but first of all to the drivers who at dawn they will set off and deliver Solaris buses to the edge of the Ukrainian border, "said Warsaw Mayor Rafal Tschaskowski.

The transferred vehicles have been fully operational by Solaris Urbino 18 since 2007. Buses have a solid construction and will serve passengers for many years. Their transfer will not cause any difficulties in public transport in Warsaw - in the summer they will be replaced by the new Autosans Sancity, which is currently being produced in Sanok.

On board the five Solaris buses that MZA drivers will deliver to Ukraine, there are sets of necessary spare parts, as well as several tons of gifts, including food and hygiene items.

A transport crisis in Khmelnytsky: taxi drivers are on strike, bus carriers are reducing trips


Khmelnytsky's transport industry suffers from fuel shortages. For example, taxi drivers have already protested in the city. Dozens of drivers protested, complaining that they were working to their detriment. Everyone was in favor of raising the cost of landing and mileage. Otherwise, they even threatened not to go to work.Khmelnytsky carriers also speak about the criticality of the current situation. They argue that public transport fares need to be raised. By the way, this has already been done in several cities of Khmelnytsky region. In some tariffs have almost doubled.

Khmelnytsky carriers have already asked the authorities to revise the current tariffs. The issue has already been discussed. Admittedly, the routes are forced to produce less transport than before.

They also add that the fuel is running out. As the carrier Oleksandr Mishin told, the increase in tariffs is necessary. And transport on routes will be let out while there will be enough diesel fuel and money.

In Lviv, the bus services are cut due to lack of fuel


A number of trolleybus and bus routes in Lviv do not run due to martial law and in order to save fuel and money.

For example, the trolleybus route №29 does not run on the University-Airport route, because there are restrictions on access to the airport. Instead, they adjusted the scheme of the №30 trolleybus, which provides access to the residents of the street Lubinska. The same route 80% duplicates the movement of №2a buses, which have not run since the beginning of the pandemic due to low passenger traffic.

Also stopped the route №5a (Vynnyky - Various Square), instead restored №36a, as it was before. He is from the Vynnyky district, street Fun, takes residents to the center, where they can change to the route №29 ".

Service on some other bus routes is halted.

In Shepetivka, public transport did not work due to fuel shortages


Public transport has been suspended in the town of Shepetivka in the Khmelnytsky region on May 7th. The reason was the lack of fuel at the gas station.At the same time, on May 12, 2022, the city's official website announced the resumption of public transport.

Shepetivka Mayor Vitaliy Buzyl:

"We have reached an agreement with the owners of the gas station on the priority refueling of public transport, public transport and emergency services, so I ask drivers of private cars to understand this at gas stations."

The population of the city is about 40 thousand people.

Lviv has already issued 100,000 LeoCard cards for beneficiaries

06.05.2022, Facebook-page Lvivavtodor

100,000 preferential LeoCards have already been issued. This is 87% of the total number of all beneficiaries of Lviv MTG who expressed a desire to receive "LeoCards" and submitted documents (115 thousand submitted packages of documents)

«There are no more trams in Kharkiv»: the city dismantles the tram tracks while the depot was destroyed by Russian military

05.05, «Хмарочос»

In Kharkiv, the tram track on Zhuravlivsky Descent (formerly Vesnina) is being dismantled. This street connects the city center with Saltivka, which was significantly affected by the shelling. The City Council has no plans to rebuild the tram infrastructure damaged by the Russians.

At the same time, the City Council notes that it has long been planned to expand the carriageway on Zhuravlivsky Descent. Work was scheduled to begin in March this year.

The idea of ​​widening the road was criticized by local activists. The city's tram is planned to be replaced by trolleybuses and buses. At the same time, 40% of the city's trolleybuses were destroyed by bombs.

The mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk declares critical situation with bus fuel


In Ivano-Frankivsk, fuel supplies for public transport may run out in a few days. So far, the city has made reserves for the utility company «Elektroavtotrans», but they are not very significant. Work is underway to address these issues.

The tense situation with fuel stocks in Ivano-Frankivsk was announced by Mayor Ruslan Martsinkiv during a broadcast on Wednesday morning, May 4. According to him, the problem with fuel may affect the movement of public transport.

Two new bus routes have been launched in Chernivtsi

02.05.2022, Facebook page of Chernivtsi City Council

The new bus routes № 2 and № 2A additionally connect the most densely populated streets of the city with the center.We are talking about residential areas on the street. Rivne, street Vorobkevycha and street Storozhynetsky. These routes reinforced the already existing №5A, №19, №24 and №27. Routes №2 and №2A of the course with an interval of 15 minutes.

The Czech city of Brno will donate trams and trolleybuses to Kharkiv

02.05.2022, AllTransUA

The Czech city of Brno will hand over 2 Tatra T3 trams and 6 Škoda 14Tr trolleybuses to its Ukrainian sister city of Kharkiv. This equipment is not new, but it has a good technical condition and is familiar to Kharkiv transporters, and will help restore the public transport system after the destruction of the city by Russia.

Similar plans to help Ukrainian cities have already been announced by the Czech Republic of Prague and Ostrava, Poland's Warsaw and other cities.

Issue #5, Period: 15.04 - 29.04.2022

Bolt electric scooter rental resumed operation in Lviv


From April 28, Lviv residents and visitors will be able to use Bolt electric scooters to travel.

Bolt resumes scooter rental at reduced prices: the price is UAH 5 for unlocking and UAH 1.5 for every minute of using the vehicle.

In Lviv, there is a speed limit for electric scooters of up to 20 km/h. Before the first ride, instruction for the safe operation of the scooter is mandatory. By setting the beginner mode, the user can limit the speed of its movement to 15 km/h. The Bolt appendix also identifies urban areas where electric scooters are prohibited.

Every ride on the Bolt electric scooter is insured. The insurance applies from the moment of unlocking until the moment of locking the scooter. It also applies to third parties who have suffered as a result of unforeseen actions of the users.


Prepared by: Maksym Sych (Oresund LLC)

Humanitarian aid to Kyiv by buses

April 28, Kyiv city website

"11 passenger buses handed over to Kyiv by the authorities of Riga have already crossed the border and are heading to the Ukrainian capital. The buses are loaded with almost 80 tons of humanitarian aid. We thank our Latvian friends and are preparing to receive this important help from the partners in Kyiv! ” - wrote Vitaliy Klitschko.

These are large-class Mercedes-Sitaro buses.


Prepared by: Maksym Sych (Oresund LLC)

How public transport works in Odessa

28.04, VGORODE

On April 28, 53 trams and 41 trolleybuses from Odesamisielectrotrans went on routes in Odessa.

Transport hours are from 05:30 to 21:00. It should be noted that today the curfew in Odessa is lifted between 05:00 and 22:00.


Prepared by: Maksym Sych (Oresund LLC)

Travel in the public transport of Kryvyi Rih is free again

April 27, website of the Kryvyi Rih City Council

According to the head of the Military Administration of Kryvyi Rih Oleksandr Vilkul, this decision was unanimously supported by the deputies of the Kryvyi Rih City Council at the regular session of the City Council.

Municipal trolleybuses, trams, buses and high-speed buses go on routes from 05.00h in the morning to 23.00h. Private carriers work from 06.00h to 20.00h. For obvious reasons, buses and minibuses are now running much less.

It will be recalled that from May 1, 2021, residents of Kryvyi Rih will use public transport with the Kryvyi Rih Card free of charge.


Prepared by: Maksym Sych (Oresund LLC)

In Ternopil, the work of public transport is being optimized due to increased financial losses

27.04, 20 minutes

At the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Ternopil City Council the issue "On the approval of the financial plan of the utility company "Ternopilelectrotrans" for 2022" was discussed.

According to the director of the company Andriy Mastyukh, losses for KP due to the martial law, low passenger volume and the increase in electricity prices for the company last year are estimated at about 70 million by the end of this year.

In order to prevent an increase in fares on public transport, the board instructed the head of the KP to review the company's costs, optimize its work, including reviewing the number and frequency of trips on trolleybus lines that are not in demand by passengers.

The transport department was also instructed to explore with Ternopilelectrotrans and the transport companies the possibility of replacing trolleybuses with more suitable buses on some routes in order to preserve the city's transport network as much as possible.


Prepared by: Maksym Sych (Oresund LLC)

Updated schedule of Kyiv city ring train

25.04, UZ Press Service

The movement of the Kyiv city ring train was resumed, stations were added, and the interval between trains during rush hour are shortened to 30 minutes.
Morning and evening trips close to the end of the curfew have also been added for Kyiv and the agglomeration.

Tickets can be purchased directly on board of the train or via the Ukrzaliznytsia chatbot.


Prepared by: Maksym Sych (Oresund LLC)

How does transport work in the temporarily occupied Kherson?

24.04, site of Kherson city council

As of April 24, 12 trolleybus and 24 bus routes operate on the city's network (on average 1-5 buses on each of them).


Prepared by: Maksym Sych (Oresund LLC)

Minibus routes will be partially restored between Bucha, Irpin and Kyiv

23.04, VGORODE

From Monday, April 25, minibus services will partially be resumed in the suburbs of Kyiv. In particular, they will run between the capital, Irpen and Bucha.

The mayor of Irpen, Alexander Markushin, reported on this. According to him, many people have asked for it, so the city administration has agreed with the transport company to gradually resume work. The number of minibuses will depend on the volume of passengers.

Currently, three routes have been restored:

№379 Irpin (Skovoroda Street, Synergy Residential Complex) - Kyiv (Akademgorodok metro station): from 07:00h to 19:00h every hour;

№392 Irpin - Kyiv: from 07:00h to 19:00h every hour. The route will be as follows: Line 11 - Military Hospital - Severinivska - Pidhirna - Lychaka - Ozerna - Soborna - s. Romanivka - Art. Akademgorodok;

№422 Bucha - Kyiv (via Irpin): from Bucha - at 07:15h, 09:15h, 15:15h, 17:15h, from Kyiv - at 08:30h, 10:30h, 16:30h, 18:30h. The train will run along the route: Bucha, Irpin Central Hospital (Energetykiv Street) - Vokzalna - Irpin, Soborna Street - North - Stepanivska - Sadova - Lysenko - Pushkinska - University - s. Romanivka - Art. m. "Academic Town".


Prepared by: Maksym Sych (Oresund LLC)

Red Line metro trains resumed

On April 21, the "red" branch of the metro resumed service in Kyiv. However, trains still run non-stop at Khreschatyk, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Hydropark, Dnipro and Klovska stations. The subway is open from 6:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Land transport in Kyiv is open from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm.


Prepared by: Maksym Sych (Oresund LLC)

LeoCart project news in Lviv

18.04, Facebook page of LKP LAD

The students of Lyceum № 66 were the first to have their cards printed, and soon these students will be able to pick up their cards from their school.

In addition, it was noted that the acceptance of documents for student transport "LeoCards" by educational institutions continues.
As of April 18, 122 schools had applied. From 89 educational institutions, 15,772 documents from students were accepted, while the other 7,793 packages of documents from 33 schools were sent for revision due to significant remarks.


Prepared by: Maksym Sych (Oresund LLC)

Traffic in the Dnieper has been extended

18.04, ТСН

On April 18, 2022, in Dnipro, the carriers switched to an extended work schedule. Transport starts at 6:00 am and ends at 8:30 pm. Metro and electric transport run on a pre-war schedule. No changes are expected here.

Travel for all parts of the population is paid, however, according to the director of the Department of Transport and Transport Infrastructure of the Dnieper City Council Igor Makovtsev, all discounts and benefits that existed before the war can be applied. For example, a certificate or student card.


Prepared by: Maksym Sych (Oresund LLC)

Functioning of public transport in Nikolaev

18.04 ТСН

Despite active hostilities near Nikolaev and constant air strikes, public transport functions, though not in full.
Trams, trolleybuses and buses run in the city. Tram and trolleybus fares have been slightly increased since April 12. When paying with a QR-code UAH 7, and when paying the driver directly UAH 8.


Prepared by: Maksym Sych (Oresund LLC)

Considerations on the probability of abandoning trolleybuses in Chernihiv

16.04. Public Chernihiv

"If you knew the likelihood of getting significant European funding, it would be worthwhile to switch to electric buses ... This technology is more expensive. An electric bus costs about 420 thousand euros. I have not seen prices for electric buses that are below 300 thousand euros ... We have considerable expenses for the restoration of the overhead line, the supporting poles, this whole economy ... Considering that all this has to be done, it is possible to refrain from this expenditure and opt for bigger ones - to buy electric buses and base stations where their charging would be organised. Selling trolley buses, of course. We have a large number of old trolleybuses, and new ones, relatively new ones, we have about 30. That would make sense. But these are dreams during the war. ", Chernihiv Mayor Vladislav Atroshenko said in an interview with Public.

Prepared by: Maksym Sych (Oresund LLC)

Chaotic parking in Rivne in wartime

15.04, Rivne Vecherne,

Since April 1, municipal guard inspectors have identified 1,098 potential traffic offenders in the city.

Residents of Korolyova Street have repeatedly approached the Department of the Municipal Guard of the Rivne City Administration with complaints about drivers who park wherever they want.

Inspectors from the Parking Control Department carried out a preventive raid on Korolyova Street. Primarily, attention was paid to vehicles violating traffic rules regarding stopping and parking. About 25 vehicles were found violating the regulations.


Prepared by: Maksym Sych (Oresund LLC)

Issue #4, Period: 4.04 - 10.04.2022

Several trolleybus routes are being launched in Kyiv

9.04, Khmarochos, Source: Kyiv City State Administration

On April 9, four trolleybus routes were launched in Kyiv - no. 3, 8, 9K and 17. This was reported in the Kyiv City State Administration. All of them connect Solomyanskyi district with the city center.

No. 3 from the Railway Massif to the Palace of Sports;

No. 8 from Smilyanska Street to Lva Tolstoho Square;

No. 9K from Kadetskyi Hai Street to the Palace of Sports;

No. 17 from Cosmonauts Square to Lva Tolstoho Square.

According to the administration, a total of 132 buses run on 62 bus routes in Kyiv as of April 9, and 35 trams run on 8 tram routes. Private operators serve on 31 routes.


Prepared by: Demyan Danylyuk, Viktor Zagreba (Oresund LLC, Ukraine)

The fourth three-section tram "Odyssey MAX" was assembled in Odesa

8.04, Suspilne News, Source: press service of CE OME

The fourth three-section tram "Odyssey MAX" was assembled in the car repair shops of Odesmiskelektrotrans. It is 30 meters long. This was reported in the press service of the communal enterprise.

The three-section tram car is capable of carrying up to 280 passengers simultaneously with 62 seats. It has a partially low floor level, in the middle there is a ramp through which a person in a wheelchair can enter the tram.

The new tram will run in the Suvorov district of Odesa on route no. 7.

K3R-N-Od Odissey Max is a three-section tram with a length of 30.8 m, which is assembled in the car repair shops of Odesmiskelektrotrans. Officially, this model of tram is designed as a modernization of the Tatra T3 car with body replacement. A new body is being ordered for the assembly of the tram in the city of Kalush, and the control system in the Czech Republic through the company "Polytechnoservice". In total 4 cars for Odesa are made.


Prepared by: Demyan Danylyuk, Viktor Zagreba (Oresund LLC, Ukraine)

Bolt returns rental of electric scooters in Kyiv at reduced rates

7.04, Khmarochos

Unlocking a scooter costs UAH 5, a minute of travel - UAH 1,5.

"To make the service more accessible during the war, Kyiv residents can now unlock a scooter in the city center for UAH 5 and travel for only UAH 1,5 per minute," the announcement said.

The expansion of the travel zone, as well as the launch of scooters in other cities will be announced in addition.


Prepared by: Demyan Danylyuk, Viktor Zagreba (Oresund LLC, Ukraine)

The ring urban train transported almost 100,000 Kyivites

7.04, Source: facebook UZ

In two weeks, the ring urban train in Kyiv carried almost 100,000 passengers.

The most popular connections were: Darnytsia - Central Station, Sviatoshyn - Central Station and Pochayna - Central Station.

Ticket price - 15 hryvnias. Tickets are available in the Ukrzaliznytsia chatbot on Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and Apple Messages.


Prepared by: Demyan Danylyuk, Viktor Zagreba (Oresund LLC, Ukraine)

Minibuses restarted in Kyiv

7.04, Khmarochos, Source: Kyiv City State Administration press service

So far, 11 routes have resumed operation.

Private operators are gradually resuming work in the capital. 11 routes are already working, the press service of the Kyiv City State Administration reports.

Routes no. 183, 401, 407, 433, 499, 509, 511, 526, 530, 550 and 598 resumed operation.

"They are also a supplement to public transport, especially in places where neither trolleybuses nor buses can pass yet due to their large size," explains Mykola Povoroznyk, deputy head of the Kyiv City State Administration.

According to him, the number of rolling stock will increase if necessary.

Public transport in Kyiv is currently running with restrictions, the metro is open from 7:30 to 19:00 with an interval of trains about once an hour.


Prepared by: Demyan Danylyuk, Viktor Zagreba (Oresund LLC, Ukraine)

The number of trolleybuses and minibuses has increased in Khmelnytskyi

5.04, Suspilne News, Source: Vice Mayor

On April 5, the number of electric vehicles and minibuses in Khmelnytskyi increased. Prior to the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops, 85 trolleybuses were running in the regional center, and 45 since February 24.

As of today, April 5, the number of electric vehicles and minibuses has increased in Khmelnytskyi, says Vice Mayor Mykola Vavryshchuk: "If at the beginning of the hot phase of the war, on February 24, we had approximately 45 trolleybuses and approximately 120 minibuses, now we have increased to 200 minibuses and decided to increase to 65 trolleybuses".

The deputy mayor says: "The curfew starts at 10 pm, so we are increasing the number of laps and making it possible for people to travel by public transport in the city after 9 pm to 10 pm. This is the first reason. "And the second reason is that, in fact, the number of passengers is increasing. We see that there are a lot of people during rush hour. This is due to warming and an increase in the number of people arriving, including IDPs."

According to Mykola Vavryshchuk, additional trolleybuses will run on seven routes: no. 10; 15A; 3; 9; 17; 16 and 8.


Prepared by: Demyan Danylyuk, Viktor Zagreba (Oresund LLC, Ukraine)

RegioJet plans to launch a train on the Przemyśl - Mostyska route

5.04, CTS, Source: Kolejowy portal

At the end of March 2022, the Polish Railway Administration received an application from the Czech private railway operator RegioJet to launch a commercial passenger service on the route Przemyśl - Medyka (Poland) - Mostyska 2 (Ukraine).

The Czech operator has stated its readiness to provide a new passenger service from June 12, 2022 to December 12, 2026.

The stop in Medyka will be done only for the purpose of passing the necessary border procedures.

Service must be operated once a day in each direction. It is planned to use the infrastructure of the European railway track 1435 mm. A Siemens Vectron or Bombardier Traxx locomotive with seats or berths will be used for service.

The European standard track of 1435 mm enters the Mostyska 1 station in the Lviv region (the next after the Mostyska 2 station from the Polish border).


Prepared by: Demyan Danylyuk, Viktor Zagreba (Oresund LLC, Ukraine)

A rapid tram will run to Borschahivka again

4.04, Khmarochos, Source: Kyivpastrans

Route no.3 is launched from Romena Rollana station to Starovokzalna.

Rapid tram route no.3 resumes work from Romena Rollana station to Starovokzalna station, Kyivpastrans reports.

Tram route no.19 will also run from Kontraktova Square to Taras Shevchenko Square.

Tram routes 2, 8K, 22K, 29K and 33A continue to operate on a permanent basis. The tram service is organized on the section "Podilske TRED — Kontraktova Ploshcha".


Prepared by: Demyan Danylyuk, Viktor Zagreba (Oresund LLC, Ukraine)

Russian occupiers fired on a depot in Kharkiv: public transport rolling stock is damaged

4.04, Suspilne news, Source: the press service of the regional Prosecutor's Office

In Kharkiv, as a result of the shelling by the russians, public transport on the territory of the depot was damaged.

A depot in the Slobidskyi district of Kharkiv was shelled in the evening of April 3, the press service of the Kharkiv regional prosecutor's office reported.

As a result of the shelling, Bogdan trolleybuses and Karsan buses were damaged, the Kharkiv City Council confirmed.

In a comment to Ukrainian Radio Kharkiv, Deputy Mayor for Infrastructure Yevhen Vodovozov said that it was dangerous to resume public transport in the city. Crowds of people in one place the enemy can use as a target.


Prepared by: Demyan Danylyuk, Viktor Zagreba (Oresund LLC, Ukraine)

Sales of new cars in Ukraine fell 1.5 times due to the war

4.04, CTS

Only 546 new cars were registered in March. Compared to 2021, March sales of new cars fell 1.5 times.

In total, in the first quarter of this year, Ukrainians purchased and registered 11.2 thousand new cars, which is 47% less than in the same period of 2021.


Prepared by: Demyan Danylyuk, Viktor Zagreba (Oresund LLC, Ukraine)

NextBike resumed operations in Vinnytsia and Lviv

Launching other cities due to active hostilities, which may endanger your life, is still being postponed, but follow the news to be aware of when and which location is next. - said operator.


Prepared by: Demyan Danylyuk, Viktor Zagreba (Oresund LLC, Ukraine)

Issue #3, Period: 28.03 - 03.04.2022

How public transport and the central bus station in Poltava work

2.04, Suspilne News

From April 2 in Poltava public transport will run for an hour longer - until 21:00. This is due to the reduction of curfew in the region and the city, in particular. The head of the Poltavaelectroavtotrans enterprise Yevheniy Zaytsev told Suspilne about it.

According to him, municipal trolleybuses and buses run from 6:00. Half an hour later, private operators go on the routes. From April 2, these minibuses will run for an hour longer - until 19:30. This was announced by the head of the city department for transport Vitaliy Zhyvotenko. According to Yevheniy Zaytsev and Vitaliy Zhyvotenko, there are no changes in service and the number of public transport in the city due to the night shelling.

Service at Poltava Central Bus Station were not canceled either, said Serhiy Butko, director of Poltavaavtotrans. In particular, you can get to Kremenchuk, where there were also shellings.

"There are five or six scheduled trips per day, you can get there (to Kremenchuk - ed.). We have several international routes that run through Kremenchuk. The cost of tickets varies depending on the route," said Serhiy Butko.


Prepared by: Demyan Danylyuk, Viktor Zagreba (Oresund LLC, Ukraine)

For the first time in 20 years in Ukraine resumed transportation of mail by rail

2.04, CTS

It took only five days to organize the first transportation of postal items by rail.

On April 1, for the first time after a 21-year break, state owned company Ukrposhta sent mail by rail. The first postal race was sent to Kyiv from Lviv.

"Logistics chains need to be reorganized, and the railway is obviously the most reliable and predictable solution. During the war, especially because highways have become more dangerous and travel time is longer due to checkpoints," UZ JSC commented.

"The development of rail transport is in line with EU policy, which aims to double the share of railways in multimodal transport by 2030 to reduce congestion and CO2 emissions," the company added.

Reminder, that for the first time in 25 years the Netherlands has returned to mail by rail. This is due to the goal of PostNL - to reduce CO2 emissions by 80% per kilometer compared to 2017.

In 2016, Oleksandr Pertsovskyi, a member of the board of JSC Ukrzaliznytsia, expressed the opinion that now, under normal conditions, it is not profitable to use rail transportation for mail in general, as it complicates the supply chain. However, transportation of mail in mail-wagons is possible in case of force majeure.


Prepared by: Demyan Danylyuk, Viktor Zagreba (Oresund LLC, Ukraine)

The Kharkiv metro will not resume operations yet, local bus service is possible

1.04, Suspilne News, Source:

The possibility of launching local bus routes is being considered in Kharkiv. The mayor of Kharkiv Igor Terekhov reported about it.

"I will definitely not start the metro, because it is a shelter for people. As for surface public transport, I think about it. There are some fears, now I will look at the situation, because when there are crowds - we are afraid of losses," said the mayor.

He noted that some services may be local or special.

"And we are already doing this: for example, to bring people to the market. It was like that, we took people out of the shelling zone on our red buses. Today we deliver food with them," Terekhov said. "We have to pick up people so that they can get a pension in another department. We are currently organizing such routes, but locally. We are doing this on purpose, without announcing that the enemies do not know and do not bomb."


Prepared by: Demyan Danylyuk, Viktor Zagreba (Oresund LLC, Ukraine)

First company relaunches bikesharing in Kyiv, but at a smaller scale

April 1,

From April 1, bikeshring operator BikeNow resumes services in Kyiv with 200 bicycles. It is much fewer than last year, but the operator plans to add more vehicles gradually.

The company has intention to launch e-scotters as well but cannot predict when.

The rates for the bike-sharing are 5 UAH for launch then 1 UAH per 1 minute of use.

Several days earlier, Kyiv Municipality asked the businesses to reopen the services of bikesharing and kick-sharing.


Prepared by: Demyan Danylyuk, Viktor Zagreba (Oresund LLC, Ukraine)

Bialystok donates two municipal MANs to Lviv


Bialystok also donates city buses to Ukraine. Two buses left for Lviv from the capital of Podlasie. One vehicle was delivered by Komunalne Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacyjne and Komunalne Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacji Miejskiej. Two MAN buses of 2006 and 2009 production.


Prepared by: Demyan Danylyuk, Viktor Zagreba (Oresund LLC, Ukraine)

Urban transport in Ukraine: Scale of losses

March 30, Centre for Transport Strategies

The damage to the transport infrastructure of Ukraine is currently estimated at $63 billion. Public transport of Ukrainian cities, the most exposed to shelling and bombing, also suffered.

In addition to local budgets, international financial institutions have been actively investing in the development of transport in these cities in recent years. Recently modernized trolleybus depots and power grids also have significant damage.


Mykolayiv returns fare collection for public transport because the city doesn't have money to finance it

30.03, Suspilne News, Source: the mayor of Mykolayiv

Since Monday, April 4, Mykolaiv is to return a mandatory fare in municipal public transport. In private minibuses it remains payable through martial law.

According to Oleksandr Sienkevych, the return of the fare in public transport is a necessary measure, because otherwise the transport will not be able to run on the routes.

"From Monday, we will have to return the fare collecting in public transport or stop its service. I understand that times are difficult for people, but they are also difficult for transport companies," said Oleksander Sienkevych.

Until April 4, travel on public transport will remain free. Public transport includes "green" buses of "Mykolayivpastrans", and also all electric transport: trolleybuses and trams of "Mykolayivelektrotrans".

The fare in communal public transport was abolished on February 24 with the beginning of a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine.


Prepared by: Demyan Danylyuk, Viktor Zagreba (Oresund LLC, Ukraine)

Four trolleybuses and two buses in Sumy will be on routes

March 29, Public News, Source: Sumy City Council

On March 30, KP "Elektroavtotrans" will resume operation of the trolleybus route №7 and the bus №59A will start running.

There will be 4 trolleybuses on trolleybus route №7. They will run according to a partially changed scheme.

There will be 2 vehicles on the bus route. Interval - 30 minutes.

Currently, the transport runs out of schedule with an interval of 30-60 minutes. Will run from 7.00 to 17.00. You can follow the movement of trolleybuses and buses on the routes online.

For the duration of martial law, travel on public transport remains free.


Prepared by: Demyan Danylyuk, Viktor Zagreba (Oresund LLC, Ukraine)

City of Plock (Poland) gave 4 buses to Ukrainian cities


Plock is another city that has decided to transfer city buses to Ukrainian cities. 3 buses will go to Zhytomyr and one to Lviv. MAN NL 223 buses will be sent to Ukraine full of humanitarian aid.

"Four buses, which not so long ago transported passengers in Plock, have just left for Ukraine. The first of them is sent to Lviv in response to a request from the mayor for support. The rest, filled with humanitarian aid packages, will go to Zhytomyr and stay there to serve the people of our partner city. Happy road, "Mayor Andrzej Novakowski wrote on his Facebook page.


Prepared by: Demyan Danylyuk, Viktor Zagreba (Oresund LLC, Ukraine)

In Lviv, service of public transport to remote areas of the city is resumed

28.03, Tvoye Misto

Bus routes to remote areas and villages that are part of the Lviv community, such as Bryukhovychi, Riasne, Medova Pechera, Pidbirtsi, Mali Hrybovychi, are gradually being restored.

"Currently, passenger volume is lower than before the war. Still, people's mobility has declined. For example, on route no. 15 there are now four buses, and before the war there were eight. But the route will gradually resume work", said head of the Office for Transport.

"If we see complaints from Lviv residents about poor connection, we immediately respond to them: we ask operators to improve service. For example, such requests to improve the connection were made to Bryukhovychi, Pidbirtsi and Mali Hrybovychi, where the operator was obliged to resume route no. 62 (Pidzamche station - Mali Hrybovychi village)”, adds Orest Oleskiv.

According to the head of the Lviv Office for Transport, if electric vehicles (trams and trolleybuses) runs at 100% as for today, communal ATP-1 is approaching 80%, and private operators - by 65%.


Prepared by: Demyan Danylyuk, Viktor Zagreba (Oresund LLC, Ukraine)

How public transport works in Sumy

March 28, Suspilne News,

Private buses in Sumy have stopped running since the start of a full-scale invasion by russian troops. The trolleybuses last were on routes on March 3. Later, buses performed only special service, and trolleybuses remained in the depot, because they did not have enough voltage in the network. The first minibuses in the city began to carry passengers on March 26.

Lyudmila, also from Sumy, says that the lack of transport in the city was very much felt: "We need to buy some products, and I think this war brings people together very much. So I go out I didn't stand there for an hour or two. Literally 5-10 minutes, people pass by and take me."

Hennadiy works as a driver on route 13, for the first time since the beginning of the attack on Sumy region he went to work last Friday. Now, he says, there are 5 buses on this route: "People are already satisfied, they say: thank you. Yesterday was more fun, today is even more. I made about 5 hours of service, it's curfew, people try to ride until noon. And then less and less, it all depends on patronage."

According to Iryna Kryachko, there will be 8 trolleybuses on the lines from 7:00 to 17:00, with an interval of 30 to 60 minutes. This time may vary depending on the situation in the city. Municipal buses remain involved in transporting people along "humanitarian corridors" and special routes. For the period of martial law travel in public transport is free.


Prepared by: Demyan Danylyuk, Viktor Zagreba (Oresund LLC, Ukraine)

Kherson returns to collecting fares: "There is no money to pay salaries, pay for electricity and service lines and machines" (Note: City is in occupation)

28.03, Suspilne News, Source: Kherson City Council

Trolleybuses in Kherson return to fare collection from March 29. Ihor Zhytchenko, Director of Khersonelectrotrans, called for understanding of such a decision.

"The company's reserves have been exhausted, there is no money to pay salaries, pay for electricity and service lines and machines," the statement said. For privileged categories, travel remains free if documents are available. The fare is 6 hryvnias (€0,18), according to the decision of the executive committee.

Today in Kherson, 113 buses run on 23 routes, as well as 12 trolleybuses.


Prepared by: Demyan Danylyuk, Viktor Zagreba (Oresund LLC, Ukraine)

A ring route of the city electric train (Miska elektrichka) is launched in Kyiv

March 28, Suspilne News, UZ press service

A full-fledged ring route of the city electric train is being launched in Kyiv. This was reported by the press service of Ukrzaliznytsia. The fare remains fixed - 15 hryvnias (€0,46).

"Ukrzaliznytsia reacts to the popularity of the Darnytsia-Sviatoshyn shuttle and extends its route with a full-fledged ring around Kyiv," the operator's press service said.

This will allow residents of the left bank from Voskresenka to the Left Bank massif, Darnytsia and Berezniaky to reach the central station. In addition, the train will pass Borshchahivka, Syrets and at an accessible distance south of the Obolon massif, where movement is currently difficult.

Train speed is limited for safety reasons. At the same time, you can get, for example, the station from Berezniaky in 21 minutes.

Tickets can be purchased directly on board the train or in the Ukrzaliznytsia chatbot.


Prepared by: Demyan Danylyuk, Viktor Zagreba (Oresund LLC, Ukraine)

Issue #2, Period: 21.03 - 27.03.2022

20 low-floor buses were transferred to Lviv from Poland: how they will be used

March 25, Suspilne News, Source: Lviv City Council Press Office

During the week, Lviv received 20 standard (10-12m) low-floor buses and humanitarian aid from Polish communities. Part of the transport will be used to transport Ukrainians to the border, the rest will be launched on city routes. These are large low-floor buses of 2009-2010.

"In the first days of the war, 167 units of transport ran on the city's routes, of which 118 were ATP-1. Since March 1, the number of vehicles on the routes has been growing daily.


Ivano-Frankivsk suspended the purchase of autonomous trolleybuses for 3.6 million euros

25.03, CFTS, Source: InterFax-Ukraine

Municipal enterprise "Elektroavtotrans" (Ivano-Frankivsk) together with the European Investment Bank suspended the tender for the purchase of new articulated trolleybuses 16.5 to 18.54 meters long with autonomous run above 10 km, for the total price 3.61 million euros.

According to an announcement posted on ProZorro on March 21, the tender has been suspended indefinitely "due to the force majeure situation in Ukraine."

Trolleybuses for Ivano-Frankivsk were purchased under the Urban Public Transport of Ukraine program with EIB funds and an EU grant.


About 130 units of transport run through the city: where it is possible to reach today in Mykolayiv

24.03,, Source: Mykolayiv City Council

In the morning on March 24 in Mykolayiv about 130 units of public transport work.

Three bus routes, 3 trolleybuses, 4 trams, 16 minibus routes


Used trolleybuses arrive to Ternopil

24.03, AllTransUA facebook

On March 24, at this difficult time for the country, Czech Škoda 24Tr Irisbus trolleybuses appeared on the routes in "homefront" Ternopil for the first time in Ukraine. The contract for the purchase of 5 used cars was signed in September 2021, according to which the unit price was €15.6 thousand including VAT; by the end of the year the city managed to get the first 3 24Tr from the Czech city of Marianske Lazne.

These are completely low-floor 2-axle machines with a length of 12 meters, which were manufactured in late 2006. The trolleybuses have Czech electrical equipment from Škoda Electric - an asynchronous traction electric motor with a capacity of 210 kW with a pulse control system based on IGBT transistors, there is also the possibility of electricity recovery. The body is of French origin - from the concern Irisbus, sometimes the assembly was also carried out in the Czech Republic (Karosa). Total passenger capacity - 100 people, seats - 30, in front of the middle door there is a storage area, as well as cars equipped with a knelling system that allows you to "squat" at stops.

P.S. Ternopil was also a participant in a loan program from the EIB for the purchase of new trolleybuses, but given the ongoing large-scale russian-Ukrainian war, its implementation is likely to be postponed.


Prepared by: Demyan Danylyuk, Viktor Zagreba (Oresund LLC, Ukraine)

"Elektroavtotrans" works in Lviv

March 24, Vezha TV Channel

Public transport runs, but with changes. And citizens are advised to get used to the slightly changed schedule of municipal buses.

First, there are now far fewer buses on the city streets. And all because a large part of the municipal fleet is involved in helping the army and war victims. Fuel shortages also affected the work of Elektroavtotrans. Although gasoline and diesel have fallen by about a quarter of a percent due to lower VAT, there are still some difficulties with fuel delivery. As with spare parts for buses. This is actually the reason why we had to reduce the number of buses.

Nevertheless, the traffic schedule was adjusted to the curfew. After all, rhythmic schedules are sometimes hampered by "air alarms," say EAT drivers. And sirens on the routes are not uncommon. Sometimes a few per shift.

YouTube: «Електроавтотранс» працює

UZ canceled the purchase of 30 passenger rail cars

24.03, CFTS, InterFax-Ukraine

Ukrzaliznytsia has decided to cancel the purchase of 30 passenger cars with a total value of UAH 1.05 billion.

According to UZ in the Prozorro system, the reason for the cancellation is the inability to make purchases due to force majeure.

The decision to cancel the tender was made on March 10, 2022, it should to take place on March 18.


In Lviv, drivers were fined almost UAH 2.4 million for violating parking rules

22.03, Suspilne News, Source: Lviv City Council Department of Mobility

In Lviv, from March 1 to March 21, inspectors issued 5,476 notifications to drivers about bringing to administrative responsibility for violating parking rules in the amount of UAH 2,383,920 (EUR 73 455). This was reported on the website of the Lviv City Council with reference to the Department of Urban Mobility and Street Infrastructure.

During this period, inspectors evacuated 117 cars.


Public transport in Lutsk no longer runs on weekends' schedule

March 21, Suspilne News, Source: Lutsk City Council

From March 21, public transport in Lutsk does not run on weekends' schedule. Public transport service are provided by 73 buses and 28 trolleybuses, the Lutsk City Council said.

Travel in trolleybuses and buses of Lutsk is paid. Users can pay for travel on city buses and trolleybuses in electronic form.


Issue #1, Period: 23.02 - 20.03.2022

How public transport works in Dnipro

19.03, Dnepr.Info, Source: Press office of the Transport Department of the Dnipro City Council

Metro, buses, trolleybuses and trams run daily. However, there are some limitations. There is a curfew in the region from 20:00 to 6:00. In this regard, transport in the city starts working no earlier than 7:00 and ends no later than 18:00.

The most important rule that applies and will operate during the war - during the air alert, public transport does not run!

It is temporarily not possible to track transit in real time. In addition, so far there are no reduced fees, everyone has to pay for use. This is necessary so that the vehicles are refuelled and able to service the route. All privileges will be returned after the victory.


Route service and evacuation of civilians: how "Mykolayivpastrans" works during war

March 17, Suspilne News, Source: Mykolayiv City Council

As of March 17, the Mykolayivpastrans municipal enterprise carries out transportation within the city only on one route - from 6 Slobidska Street to the Universam public transport stop in the Korabelnyi district.

Communal buses are also involved in the evacuation of people.


Prague and Wroclaw will reserve old trams for Ukraine

05.03., Transport Publiczny

The management of transport companies in Prague and Wroclaw, aware of the situation, has already announced that it will stop disposing of and selling used trams, which may be useful to Ukrainian cities in the future.

DPP, a transport operator in Prague, has announced that it will hand over 15 old and unsold T6A5 trams to Ukrainian cities. DPP will also offer old but serviceable buses that are no longer needed in Prague. Of course, the delivery of transport will be possible after the end of hostilities in Ukraine.

In Wroclaw, a decision was made to temporarily suspend the sale of Konstal 105Na trams that had been decommissioned.


Our main task is defence of the city - mayor of Mykolayiv

23.02, Suspilne News

In interview to journalists of the local public broadcaster, the mayor of Mykolayiv declared:

“We had additional transport in the process of purchase. Now all these projects have been paused. I hope that after the war they will continue. This issue concerns the purchase of autonomous trolleybuses, in fact a tender was held and their production began in western Ukraine. These are, of course, the buses that have already won the tender, and the bank only needs to choose the winners. My position is that Mykolayiv should have a sufficient amount of public transport to provide the city with uninterrupted transportation of all citizens, including in remote corners of the city."


Our main task is defence of the city - mayor of Mykolayiv

23.02, Suspilne News

In interview to journalists of the local public broadcaster, the mayor of Mykolayiv declared:

“We had additional transport in the process of purchase. Now all these projects have been paused. I hope that after the war they will continue. This issue concerns the purchase of autonomous trolleybuses, in fact a tender was held and their production began in western Ukraine. These are, of course, the buses that have already won the tender, and the bank only needs to choose the winners. My position is that Mykolayiv should have a sufficient amount of public transport to provide the city with uninterrupted transportation of all citizens, including in remote corners of the city."


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