Electrification for Sustainable Mobility

TUMIVolt is TUMI's one stop shop for E-Mobility - With TUMIVolt we support cities in the global south in introducing integrated electromobility solutions. TUMIVolt promotes a mobility transformation and the use of renewable energies in the transport sector worldwide aiming at reducing the sector's greenhouse gas emissions.

TUMIVolt Pilot Projects

E-Mobility in Lviv

We are building an Electrification Strategy together with Lviv in Ukraine

E-Mobility in Cuenca

We are building an Electrification Strategy together with Cuenca in Ecuador

Scaling up E-Mobility around the World

Supporting Cities worldwide in advancing their Electrification Strategy to complement existing Sustainable Mobility Systems

TUMIVolt E-Bus Mission

Until 2025 we inspire 500+ cities to ensure the readiness for procurement of 100.000 e-buses

Charge Up your E-Mobility Know-How

Welcome to the TUMIVolt Charging Station! We are very pleased, to have launched our new webinar series on e-mobility. As part of the BMZ project TUMIVolt we will be holding regular webinars on all things related to e-mobility to give you the full picture on challenges and opportunities that come with e-mobility solutions.

EPISODE 2 - JUNE 17TH 2020

Future Battery Materials

Together with guest speaker Dr. Ingo Bardenhagen from the Fraunhofer Society we discussed, if solid state batteries are a game changer for electric mobility. Learn more about future battery materials and next generation batteries.

Marius masalar Cy F Bm F Esyt U unsplash

Watch the Recording of our Webinar on Future Battery Materials


Raw Materials for Global Battery Production – Challenges and Opportunities

This is the recording of our first webinar on raw materials for EV Batteries which took place on 19 March 2020, 3 - 4 pm CET. Thanks to all participants and viewers for an very active discussion. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes on all steps of the EV supply chain. Looking forward to charging up your e-mobility know how! Electrifying greetings from the TUMIVolt.

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Watch the Recording of our Webinar Global Battery Production

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