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Ukraine is under attack and the transport system is facing new challenges. Cities have to directly support citizens with food and social services, maintain economic life and take care of a large number of IDPs - for all this, a functioning transport system is also needed. Support is needed in areas such as public transport, bicycles for social services, but also technical advice.

Concrete requests for assistance include:

  • Lviv: Support for sustainable mobility
  • Kharkiv: 400 bicycles for social services
  • Road safety equipment for Ukrainian cities
  • Spare parts for Ukraine
  • #BikesForUkraine
  • Ukraine's Grains-n-Trains
  • Chernihiv: Support to reinstall public transport
  • Bikes4Ukraine

If you have offers or would like to support Ukraine in other ways in the field of transport, please get in touch:

Find concrete requests and appeals below.

Requests by the Lviv City Council

City of Lviv

Request for humanitarian assistance and support

City of Kharkiv

Traffic safety equipment needed in Ukrainian Cities

An appeal by Vision Zero

Spare parts for Ukraine

An Appeal by UITP


The Campaign is initiated by: U-Cycle (NGO ‘Kyiv Cyclists’ Association’), NGO ‘Eco Misto’ (Chernihiv), NGO ‘Youth Association Extreme Style’ (Sumy), NGO ‘Urban Reform’ (Kharkiv), NGO ‘FORZA’ (Uzhhorod)

Ukraine's Grains-n-Trains

International crowd sourcing initiative exploring existing and non-conventional options for moving Ukrainian grains, wheat and agricultural products into the European Railway Network for distribution to EU Export terminals, primarily, but not exclusively on the Danube Waterway.

Chernihiv: Support to reinstall public transport

The city of Chernihiv kindly asks for whatever help you could provide to reinstall public transport services in the city.


Let's give Lviv cycling freedom.

Help to send spare Danish bikes to Ukraine.

Ukraine Bicycle Project

Bicycles go where and when cars, trains and buses can't.

Committed to empowering mobility through bicycles, we build transportation bicycles from scratch and donate them to service workers.

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