Safetipin App for Bogotá

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The Project

In Bogotá, the risk of gender-based violence such as sexual harassment affects the use of public spaces by women and girls. With the safetipin app, the challenge will be addressed by providing aid in the collection of geo-referenced data on seven variables that influence the perception of personal safety for women and girls. The collected data from the safetipin app, that shows where women feel unsafe, will be used to design and implement interventions in mass public transport and public spaces. This project sets its focus primarily on women and girls in the City of Bogotá. Yet, in the end, all citizens will benefit from a safer environment in public spaces.

  • Angela Beatriz Anzola De Toro - TUMI Challenge Winner 2018

    Angela Beatriz Anzola De Toro - TUMI Challenge Winner 2018

    "Thanks to the TUMI initiative, we can now develop, implement and show case new interventions to prevent and reduce violence and sexual harassment against women and girls in urban public spaces, helping Bogotá become a safe city for women and this, a safer city for all"

    "In order to eliminate violence against women it is necessary to join efforts whit everyone in society, be creative and innovate. Hence, I try to innovate and work whit other sectors to ensure that women feel safer in public spaces and public transport."

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CAF - Development Bank of Latin America

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