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Re-imagining Fort Kochi: Moving People Towards Improved Access and Safety in Kochi, India

The project aims to create enhanced accessibility of the Ro-Ro jetty node, which is the main node of Fort Kochi Island. By improving traffic flow and coordination between different modes (public and private), including NMT, the project will show how reduced vehicular-pedestrian conflicts and enhanced walkable conditions for locals and tourists can be beneficial for all.

The Process So Far

Planning phase for signage and tactical urbanism in advanced stage

Joint approach (TUMI, WRI India, GIZ India) towards Kochi Municipality to design and install signage

Covid-19 adjustments of project action plan “Building a Resilient Kochi“, a plan on a holistic approach to providing safe public transport and public spaces in times of a pandemic and beyond

Next steps and Covid-19 response

Decision on the way forward in process by the City Board, delayed by Covid-19

Design and installation of signage

Construction at Jetty Node, with agreed upon improvements

Possible adaption of goals based on physical needs arising from Covid-19

These main goals have gained importance in order to protect from Covid-19:

Signage and wayfinding project

Physical improvements of pedestrian access and safety through defined walkable spaces and safe crossings along streets and junctions

Covid response studies & the case for multimodal integration

Re-imagining Fort Kochi: Moving People Towards Improved Access and Safety


WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

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