Re-imagining Fort Kochi: Moving People Towards Improved Access and Safety in Kochi, India

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The Challenge

The Fort Kochi island is an important tourist hub in the southern state of Kerala and is accessed by different public modes of transport. Urbanization and inflow of private vehicles has led to congestion and degradation of street infrastructure and deterioration of public spaces, which have impacted livability in the area.

The Pilot

The project aims at improving a junction by addressing pedestrian infrastructure, traffic flow as well as access to public spaces historic fort Kochi. This is a part of larger multi modal integration for Jetty area. The project will be designed and implemented in phases 1) Tactical Urbanism Projects, 2) Jetty Public Space Development, 3) Way finding sinage. It will also improve conditions to use public transport through introducing street furniture, way signage, and multi-modal connectivity nodes.

Intended Impact

The project aims to re-imagine Fort Kochi as a liveable historic core of Kochi city through enhanced sustainable mobility conditions and active public spaces. The project has the potential to become a benchmark of street design standards for the city of Kochi and other Indian cities. The project will create a model for safe, pedestrian-oriented streets and enhance the public space.

Re-imagining Fort Kochi: Moving People Towards Improved Access and Safety


WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

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