Re-Cycle: Tricycles For Recyclable Waste Pickers in Fortaleza, Brasil

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The challenge

Catadores are informal workers who collect and carry up to 500 kg of recyclable waste daily in makeshift carts driven by their own strength. Despite the importance of their work in promoting recycling and protecting the environment, they often belong to marginalized groups with no decent working conditions.

The pilot

Introduction of locally produced mechanical- & e-tricycles with a cargo area for catadores who will be able to use the existing infrastructure to make the waste collection safer and more efficient. The project includes the training of catadores and maintenance of tricycles. Besides the improvements of recycling policy, working conditions and dignity for catadores and sustainable transport, the project will initiate and test the use of electric tricycles in Fortaleza as a solution for urban logistics in general".

Re-Cycle: Tricycles For Recyclable Waste Pickers supported by


CAF - Development Bank of Latin America

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